NRA Outdoors Offers Helicopter Hog Hunt

Political correctness – where would we be without it? I’m not sure we’ll ever know. But I am sure that the NRA Outdoors helicopter hunt package [description via after the jump] will give gun grabbers and PETA people an apoplectic fit. I know: feral hogs are a pest species. Their original introduction into North America by DeSoto’s mob unleashed a plague that wiped out millions of Native Americans, paving the way for European colonization. Feral pigs have been nothing but a PITA since. But a picture is worth a thousand words. What the antis will see here: gun-mad ‘Mericans trying to relive the Vietnam War without anyone actually shooting back. In that regard, the Credence Clearwater Revival song It Ain’t Me ain’t helping. The fact that the program uses Robinson helicopters instead of Hueys does. On the other hand, who cares? Trying to control the optics of NRA members’ flashier pursuits—from machine gun shoots to firing .50 cals—is a losing proposition. Best to enjoy our freedoms any way we can (responsibly), while we can, so we can . . .

FAIRFAX, Va. –-(  We have had more request to put this hunt together more than any other hunt we offer and it is finally here.

The Texas Helicopter Hog Hunt has to be one of the most adrenaline pumping, sitting on the edge of your seat (literally) hunts out there.

This is just a quick weekend hunt but one I am sure we will all not soon forget.  This trip will be limited to the first 12 members that sign up, so they will not last long.  We look forward to seeing everyone there, here are the details.

We know this is why you’re here. This is the main event. With an unparalleled amount of experience and familiarity with the area we can truly offer the most intense and action-packed aerial adventure out there. Statistics say that 70% of feral hogs must be culled in order to stabilize the population.   Even though we have taken nearly 7,000 hogs in the last three years (!), more must be done. 70%  harvested of the state’s 2 million hog population? You do the math. (answer :140,000)

Now it’s your turn to book a seat helping us rid the hard working farmers and ranchers of the Lone Star State of this overwhelming vermin.

We offer you a TRUE outdoor getaway by providing not only the experience of a lifetime but also  lodging at  our full service hunting lodge. There you are able to add many other exciting activities to your getaway, including native game hunts, giving you  and/or your clients/friends/family a truly memorable adventure! Most of the near 500,000 acres that we  have access to is within 10 minutes flight of the helipads..which are right in front of the lodge!!!

The Aircraft

We choose Robinson helicopters for several reasons. With multiple light helicopters to choose from, the R22 has the lowest fuel burn rate at around 9 gallons per hour, and the R44 provides a comfortable experience for larger shooters as well as giving an opportunity for individuals to ride along. It’s engineers designed the helicopters around the philosophy of light, simple and affordable. The R22 is the  optimum choice for Cedar Ridge Aviation due to it’s incredible maneuverability even  at higher speeds, as well as inexpensive operating costs and an unparalleled safety record! With Robinson being the most produced helicopter in the world, it was an easy  choice due to it’s proven success in all aspects of the helicopter community and the  readily available parts and support world wide.

  • WHERE: Just North of Abilene Texas (We will provide directions at time of booking)
  • WHEN: Arrive Friday February 21st mid afternoon, first groups will go up that day. Depart Sunday February 23rd
  • COST: $2300 per shooter (Stand hunting can be added for $200 per sitting for when you are not flying)


  • Two hours of helicopter time
  • Firearms and Ammo
  • Meals and Lodging


  • 5 Day License (#157 $48)
  • Adult Beverages
  • Gratuities



  1. avatar JeffR says:

    Perhaps the NRA should stick to issue advocacy and avoid doing math.

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      Its not the NRA’s math, Ammoland decide to do the math and dropped a zero and TTAG just copied the story from Ammoland. If you bother to follow the links to the actual original NRA release, the NRA stopped at “You do the math”

      1. avatar JeffR says:

        Dude, I don’t want to get in an argument over what I intended as a light-hearted comment. But I’m seriously suppose to follow the links to uncover that Ammoland is the “culprit”? Seems a bit much.

  2. avatar Bruce says:

    Sounds like fun. And the hogs not shooting back will make it a lot more fun.

  3. avatar jwm says:

    “If they run, they’re VC! If they don’t run, they’re well trained VC!”

    1. avatar Bruce says:

      Sounds like a man that’s been there.

      1. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

        Been there? Where? The movie theater where Full Metal Jacket was playing?

    2. avatar alanhinMN says:

      Almost have the quote….
      Anyone who runs, is a VC. Anyone who stands still, is a well-disciplined VC!

      1. avatar Bunsen says:

        “How can you shoot woman and children?!”

        “Easy! You just don’t lead them as much!”

        Great movie and I agree they should have used Ride of the Valkyries for the music. Best part of the video is around the 2:30min mark when they get perfectly behind a line of 6 or 7 piggies.

        1. avatar Taylor Tx says:

          Get some! MMMMM Get some!

    3. avatar warriorshonor says:

      Can’t help but feel that this video would have been better served by Flight of the Valkyries for the first part…

      1. avatar SCIENCE! says:

        Porky don’t surf.

        1. avatar jwm says:

          I’ll bet porky don’t like the smell of napalm in the morning either.

          We gotta quit mixing movies like this. FMJ and Apocalypse Now.

  4. avatar warriorshonor says:

    I think I know what I am doing in February…my brother in law and I have been talking about doing a Texas hog hunt for years; this would be a great way to do it.

  5. avatar Pascal says:

    On a more serious note, what do they do with all the dead hogs?

    1. avatar wa_2a says:

      I hope they’re not letting that sweet, delicious pork go to waste.

      1. avatar Drew says:

        I’m pretty sure that they donate most of the meat to charity, but you’d have to check with them.

        1. avatar William Burke says:

          I seriously doubt they are allowed to donate feral hog meat to charity. Them hogs are riddled with trichinosis parasites. I’m sure the hunters will be strongly urged not to take any meat from them.

        2. avatar Pascal says:

          @ William Burke

          According to the state of Texas Wildlife Department

          Is the meat good to eat?

          Yes, meat from feral hogs is extremely tasty and much leaner than penraised pork. The meat from older boars may be tougher and rank tasting if not prepared adequately. As with all pork, care should be taken and the meat well cooked. Otherwise, it should be prepared just like market hogs. The slower the meat is cooked, the more tender and tasty it becomes.

        3. Any carcasses that they leave out overnight tend to be eaten by the remaining hogs before morning (so I am told by people in the know).

          I went on a hog hunt about a decade ago, and was told that the local vet had not found a case of trichinosis in the last 30 years.

  6. avatar LongBeach says:

    For $2300 there would have to be naked women covered in honey pouring Jack Daniels straight into my mouth while riding a white tiger. That’s on fire. And flying.

    1. avatar A-Rod says:

      LongBeach for the win!

    2. avatar jwm says:

      Longbeach should be writing for a men’s magazine.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Dear Penthouse Forum. I never used to believe the stories in your magazine until the following happened to me…

  7. avatar frank says:

    Not to be that guy, but it’s called “Fortunate Son” :]

    1. avatar Rev. Maurice Pompitous says:

      Thanks Frank. The young uns need to be educated on the classics.

      1. avatar frank says:

        Hell, I’m a young-in, I’m just well educated.

    2. avatar Stu says:

      You weren’t the only one thinking it 😛

    3. avatar C says:

      Hell, half of CCR’s discography was meant to be played in UH-1’s.

  8. avatar JoshinGA says:

    So for $2300 there are no fully auto, completely over the top guns available? Pass. Hard pass.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    Yesterday I hunted a hog with my helicopter. How he got my helicopter I’ll never know.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Yes, but did you shoot an elephant in your pajamas?

      1. avatar A-Rod says:

        True story. I had a Sgt. while I was in the National Guard that got up real early on the first day of bow season, stepped out on his back porch, and arrowed a deer while he was still in his PJs. A little while later he crawled back into bed and his wife said sleepily ‘I thought you were going deer hunting this morning’. He said he replied to her ‘Yeah, I’m done.’ I wish it was always that easy.

  10. avatar juliesa says:

    Killing invasive species helps the environment, but the animal rights people disapprove. This looks like a good time. I’ve spent time in a Robinson as a passenger helping count cattle, and it was great fun, but after I became a mom I decided on less risky activities.

  11. avatar TheSleeperHasAwakened says:

    My father was a Green Beret in Vietnam and he told me that one time they took a Huey with a minigun out to go hunt some bears…he said they shot the bears clean in half!

    Helo hunting is fun, but not very sporting…I tend to enjoy a good stalk when I hunt.

    1. avatar JoshinGA says:

      Hunting hogs isnt about being sporting…its about eradicating a destructive, invasive species.

      1. avatar TheSleeperHasAwakened says:

        Hunted hogs two weeks ago and stalked up on them right after sunset and dropped a 120 lb sow with my 6″ .357 Magnum.

        The ribs and pork loin were delicious!

        1. avatar JoshinGA says:

          Nice. Ive always wanted to hunt some hogs; cant find people with a hog problem who will let me hunt their land, Im a broke college student so a guided hunt is out, and public land hunts are really regulated for some strange reason.

  12. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Looks like fun, but that’s an expensive couple of days.

  13. avatar RLC2 says:

    PS: was in Turners the other day- ammo is starting to come back, and they had a couple ARs on the shelf-
    Asked the counter guy about ordering RRA-15- cant get it apparently in CA,
    so he showed me the
    SR-556VT- nice, but a bit pricey at $1900.

    then he offered the opinion that 5.56 not allowed for hunting pig, recommended .243 minimum.
    I just looked at him and said, ok, thanks!

    Any TX pighunters like to opine? What ammo-
    and what gun was that in the NRA helo video- anyone happen to know?

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Barnes makes the tsx (?) it’s an all copper round. Safe in the condor “lead free” areas

    2. avatar JoshinGA says:

      Ive had plenty of friends take hogs with 16″-20″ barreled ARs with bullets ranging from 55 grn SP to 77 grn “HP”.

      1. avatar rlc2 says:

        thanks Josh!

  14. avatar Frank says:

    For $2300, that isn’t too bad of a deal!
    If I had the extra cash I would be on it in a heartbeat!

  15. avatar LTC F says:

    One thing that drives me nuts about the part of Texas I live in is that it is nearly impossible to hunt without paying to do it. I can understand ranchers and owners of parcels big enough to hunt on charging to hunt deer and dove. What I don’t understand is why they charge to hunt hogs. They want the hogs gone, especially the ranchers, hogs regularly kill calves colts and they’ll destroy a good pasture by eating all the grass including the roots. Rather than discourage hog hunting by charging for it, you’d think they’d invite folks out to kill hogs.

    Of course after that rant…if I had $2300 bucks I didn’t know what to do with I’d be out shooting hogs from helicopters next February.

    1. avatar JDub says:

      I better get a lifetime supply of bacon for that money!

    2. avatar Dan Sullivan says:

      There is not a hog problem in Texas, there is a cash in opportunity for the landowners. When you start baiting hogs, trapping and stocking, that’s a problem created to make money. While I don’t mind paying a fee, a guide, dressing fees, I do resent the per lb charge and limits to one pig per trip. I do understand landowners not wanting idiots shooting up the place and making some money, but don’t whine about an artificial problem. Cause you turn us loose and pigs will disappear just like the gators did until they were protected.

  16. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Pig man and Ted Nugent did a show on this. Squirt guns from a heli on hogs. they shot a couple hundred in less than half a day. I almost cried when I saw them unloading case after case of ammo from the rig.

    I have to do this…

  17. avatar TexanHawk says:

    Fort Hood uses helicopter for Feral Hog eradication. Only safe way to do it within the impact areas.

  18. avatar Stu says:

    The funny thing here is that the federal government has done this for decades to control feral horse populations as well. In Australia, they have New Zealanders come in to kill kangaroos with helicopters to both control the population and as a food source; the reasons they have Kiwis do it is because no Australian would want to be seen doing the work

  19. avatar Drew says:

    Man, Imagine hog hunting with a mounted M60…….
    Using ‘The Pig’ to hunt pigs, what fun.

    (Hmm….What about a minigun? That’d be a blast).

    1. avatar JDub says:

      That would dramatically increase the cost and decrease the amount of bacon.

  20. avatar C says:

    This isn’t the penacle of hunting ethics. If you’re good enough to reliably make a clean kill out of a helicopter, go for it. But if not, you need to keep on the ground.

    1. avatar JDub says:

      Despite the tasty bacon, and the requirement of a hunting license, this is more ‘pest eradication’ than ‘hunting’.

      Still though, it was sad to see them move on after only wounding/paralyzing some of those hogs in the video. Don’t leave maimed animals just to maim some more, make sure you put them out of their misery.

      1. avatar C says:

        Destructive though they may be, one must respect his quarry.

        1. avatar JW says:

          Agreed. I cant help think how many people those hogs could feed if the ranch coordinated the hunt to be followed by a portable meat processor. Wasting bacon is a terrible violation of ethics.

    2. avatar Barstow Cowboy says:

      After seeing this guy take a few dozen shots and miss every one of them, I thought that maybe given the price of ammo it’d be cheaper just to use the helicopter to run the pigs to death, or at least run them until they got too tired to run, and then land and use a club to bludgeon them to death.

  21. avatar John Fritz says:

    Oh ho ho ho! Scott Pelley’s gonna have something to say about all this!

  22. avatar Mark Horning says:

    Given Robinsons’ reputation for beaking the main rotor shaft I’d feel a lot better in a Huey actually. Or an MD-500.

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