From the Deepest Depths of Uselessness: The GripShot

Have you ever wondered whether it would be better to attach your holster directly to your rifle rather than carrying it on your side all the time? Me neither. But apparently, these guys have, and they’ve cobbled together a prototype. The GripShot is a picatinny based attachment for your rifle that allows you to clamp a pistol onto your long gun. No. you can’t fire it from the gun, but you can draw it from the holster and “drop tangoes.” Drawbacks? Off the top of my head: it turns your rifle into a boat anchor, there’s no backup if you drop your rifle, the holster could snap off and drop off a cliff…you get the picture. Nevertheless, +5 points for creative thinking, minus several million for utter uselessness.


  1. avatar sightpicture says:

    If your primary runs dry Couldn’t you just, you know,….reload?

    1%maybe makes sense with a LEO packing a taser but that’s about all I see

    1. avatar Jake says:

      Not even then as adrenalin dump will likely lead to people getting shot instead of tazered.

    2. avatar Aaron says:

      Not convenient if you live in California. It also has use if you’re clearing your house and someone pins you against the wall with your rifle, and seriously for self defense people act like they’re carrying their gun on a mountain hump, the added weight isn’t going to matter for the minute you would actually use it for. I’ve met the guy that made this, trained with it, and it is an excellent product.

  2. avatar Rokurota says:

    And what is it with the metal/hardcore music in these gun product videos? Is it supposed to convey “attitude?” Badassery? Sorry, I must have been in a coma when they decided cops need to be badasses.

    1. avatar 16V says:

      Well, good sir, you’ve been out for a while.

      The paramilitarization (and the rest of the current nonsense) started in earnest

      1. avatar 16V says:

        I pushed the wrong button and posted prematurely. Then my edit disappeared into the ether. I gotta remember to save everything before I post….

        The paramilitarization has been going on since the late 60’s with the intro of SWAT. Gates didn’t invent it, Nelson did, but he was the public face of the nuttery that has followed.

        There’s a whole lotta drivers that have brought us to this very dangerous place – which I don’t have time to redo.

    2. avatar Grasshopper says:

      I think Katchaturian’s “Sabre Dance” would be more apropos. You know, the music often played as the clown car unloads at the circus. 🙂

  3. avatar Conrad says:

    It could be like turducken… a 92fs, m4 and m240…

  4. avatar sightpicture says:

    They mounted it backwards

  5. avatar David PA/NJ says:

    Would this make it an AOW?

    1. avatar Kelly in GA says:

      No, because it can’t be fired from the holster.

  6. avatar Defens says:

    I think they got it wrong. I want a big-assed inside the waistband holster so I can carry my carbine concealed. Or at least a rifle holster attached to my 1911.

  7. avatar ST says:

    That’s as useful as a condom dispenser on a church pew. There’s also the troubling problem of firearms being ruined by gunfire from the opposing party.

    1. avatar BobBarker says:

      +1 for everyone who passed over this comment and didn’t make a choir boy joke… damn, I broke the steak.

  8. avatar Nagurski says:

    I think they really missed an opportunity by not having the pistol be a fire-able vertical forward grip. It would almost be as dumb, but it would be about 400% more tacticool.

  9. avatar Jeh says:

    Sadly im sure somebody would buy this. Can anyone say Mall ninja?

  10. avatar peirsonb says:

    “On your person or in a safe….”

  11. avatar Shawn says:

    I dunno. If you’re going for quickest deployment of a secondary firearm, wouldn’t this route [ ] make more sense? Attaching the handgun to the lower rail of the carbine, ready to go. No need to waste precious seconds unholstering!

    There are a lot of drawbacks, unfortunately. Firing a handgun while it’s mounted to a rifle makes it an NFA toy. And the Zip .22 sucks. Hopefully someday they’ll work out all the bugs, flaws, and faults.

  12. avatar Matt in Idaho says:

    This reminds me of the bayonet for a pistol you used to see everywhere.

    While I don’t own a firearm with rails, I think it’s freaking great to see something like this. There wouldn’t be a number of people pouring their time and money into developing something like this if they didn’t see a huge financial opportunity to gain a piece of what must be rapidly growing industry.

    1. avatar Alex says:

      If something happens in the middle of the night and I’m in my underwear, I guess this would allow me to bring a backup weapon with me without having to throw on pants, a belt and holster, etc? That’s literally the only situation I can think of where this might be advantageous. Even though I won’t be buying one, I agree with you that it’s a good sign to see people trying to innovate new products like this.

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    Why would anybody want to attach a big-ass rifle to a perfectly good handgun?

  14. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Because my rifle just isn’t heavy enough… Pounds = pain in more ways than one. IMHO…When milliseconds count this could get you hurt or worse… Looks kind of unwieldy to say the least…

  15. avatar IdahoPete says:

    One of the fundamental laws of nature: “The junk always expands to fill the available space.”

    Hey, that rail handguard had lots of unused space on it – I had to do SOMETHING with it!

  16. avatar ensitue says:

    Has anyone questioned how one uses a pistol to fight their way to their rifle if the pistol is attached to the rifle and both are at some distance from the [unarmed] shooter, ie victim?

  17. avatar Matt says:

    Transitioning back to your rifle must be quite a chore, since you can’t put your handgun away until you’ve gained control of your rifle with your single free hand.

  18. avatar Fred says:

    Is it just me or does his draw from the holster (on the belt) look like it’s deliberately slow? On the firing drill it looks like he takes a deliberate pause.

    This is not a good idea to begin with because it mandates police carry rifles in order to carry their sidearm. They should be better trained drawing their sidearm because they’ll have that on them pretty much 24/7. In a SWAT or especially dangerous situation changing your basic actions after establishing muscle memory for a mutually exclusive action is not a good idea. They build muscle memory drawing from the belt and then move their sidearm to their rifle? Not a good idea. Keep it simple, stay alive.

  19. avatar Don says:

    This would be much cooler if they put some rail sections on the holster so you can attach some more things to it, like a knife, or a cup holder.

  20. avatar sightpicture says:

    The fact that they use Taze ‘ em bro in a sentence in thier add gets them 50 Moron points.

    Maybe their from Jersey?

  21. avatar Anonymous says:

    Looks like it would work great for zombies… If they existed.

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