What Could Possibly Go Wrong: purchaseopencarrytshirt.com


purchaseopencarrytshirt.com is what you’d call a bare bones operation. That’s not to say it isn’t legit…it probably is. They’ve just decided to put their start-up capital into the product rather than a fancy-schmancy web design. So we’ll assume that placing an order with them will result in your getting the shoulder rig-emblazoned chemise you want. The only question then is, what will you do when the cop yells “DROP IT!”?


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    8/10, would operate with.

  2. avatar Shire-man says:

    So want. Should complete the shoulder holsters straps though.

  3. avatar Henry Bowman says:

    Someone please wear this in NYC. Just make sure you have body armor underneath.

  4. avatar In Memphis says:

    I want to say “Why!?”

    But at the same time, it would be kind of interesting to make the sqemish types look twice in places where carry is not allowed or legal.

    Would any of our house lawyers care to weigh in on if there would be any legal repercussions such as causing a disturbance?

    1. avatar JeffR says:

      I think a trust and estates lawyer would have the most relevant knowledge on the ramifications of wearing this shirt where open carry is not allowed.

    2. avatar Jim says:

      It’s a pretty clear cut first amendment right to wear whatever you want to say on your t-shirts, as schools have been repeatedly admonished for trying to curtail its students’ right to free speech. The recent young boy with the NRA t-shirt suspension incident comes to mind. So the cops, being the minions of the state, couldn’t say a thing about your shirt, legally. Can they arrest you and charge you with a bogus “disturbing the peace” citation? Sure. Although they supposedly don’t like to get sued, I’m pretty sure cops don’t like to be told what to do by the peons.

      So as far as the state is concerned, they can’t stop you from wearing this shirt. Private parties theoretically could, although they might open themselves up to civil rights lawsuit, even though the second is poorly recognized in this area. My 2 cents.

      1. avatar tdiinva says:

        Private parties can tell you that you can’t wear that shirt on their property. The Bill of Rights applies to the government not private persons.

        1. avatar Blue says:

          Let a Dr. or ER refuse service and see the name on the hospital change.

        2. avatar tdiinva says:

          That’s because there is a law that requires emergency treatment if they receive public monies. However, If you walk the front door with the shirt an its a private hospital they can ask you to leave.

      2. avatar Jason says:

        I would think this would be similar to wearing a shirt with a swastika, Malcolm X, or Che on it. It’s protected political speech that some might find offensive. But that protection doesn’t extend to the private property of others, so they could demand that you leave.

      3. avatar 16V says:

        Dream on. Here’s what would happen IRL in most (not all) states. The cops would be called and you would (at the very least) be given ‘the talk’ about “complaints have been made”. When explaining that your Constitutional right to free speech isn’t subject to scrutiny for “complaints”, you’d most likely have the fecal matter beaten out of you. If you’re lucky.

  5. avatar chuck k says:

    Might as well put a bullseye target on there as well to help keep the cops from hitting innocents bystanders.

    1. avatar BillF says:

      If in NYC, put the bullseye center mass and you should be safe. Or should I say SAFE.

  6. avatar Cliff H says:

    I have to say that at least in the pictures the graphics on the shirt are pretty convincing. I can see where you just might have to prepare yourself for a little face time with the local 5-0. Other than that I like it. I prefer IWB, between 3 and 4 o’clock and I like to tuck my t-shirt in. Maybe that could be their next offering?

    If the idea catches on, before too many people get shot, I suggest they start offering your choice of your favorite pistol as an option. What better way to normalize open carry?

  7. avatar Guywithagun says:

    “The only question then is, what will you do when the cop yells “DROP IT!”?”

    Take off the shirt.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      My answer would be to extend my hands out away from my body, and then explain the situation.

      Then we’d all laugh — oh, how we’d laugh — slap each other on the back, and go have a beer. Right?

      1. avatar Shire-man says:

        More likely you’d laugh and he’d beat you for “contempt of cop” and making him look stupid. At least then you’d have a decent payday coming courtesy of the tax payers.

        I want one on an I heart NY shirt for that extra f-u to Bloomberg.

        1. avatar Henry Bowman says:

          Even better!! Please reference my comment above.

        2. avatar Jason says:

          If cops beat people for making them look stupid, they’d have all beaten themselves to death by now.

  8. avatar Andy says:

    So let me see if I have this right.

    The general Internet consensus is that these shirts are douchy.
    The same Internet will praise some jackwagon that actually OCs like this.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Without further comment, my answer is: You’re exactly correct.

  9. avatar jwm says:

    Anybody remember the shoulder holster wallet carrier thingy that was popular for about 90 seconds. Cop asks for your ID and you have to go under your jacket towards your armpit. Somebody put a lot of thought into that fashion statement.

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:

      I once knew a guy who had a shoulder wallet. He said, you carry the bulk of your cash there, about fifteen bucks in your regular wallet, and about fifty bucks in your shoe. The subject of ID didn’t come up, but I’d presume it’d be in your regular wallet with the $15 in it. Like CC, nobody should know the SW is there.

      AFAIK the printed T-shirt, yes, it’s a very convincing pic such that it took me a few close looks before I saw that it was just a pic, but frankly, I’d put the whole idea in the “Modern Fashion Sense for Morons” file.

      Even though our Constitution also implicitly protects the right to be stupid, I would certainly never wear one.

  10. avatar Lucas D. says:

    Since it’s impossible to have a silk-screened pattern in my hands to begin with, I’ll make the same preparations for a cop yelling “DROP IT!” as I will for a sudden attack by legions of domesticated hamsters; I’m going to do absolutely nothing and just enjoy the thrill of having it be a complete surprise to me if it happens.

    1. avatar Jason says:

      True. An overreaction from a cop would probably be something about not moving or raising your hands, or (from the truly intelligent cops): “Don’t move! Put your hands up!”.

  11. avatar Don says:

    Are they gonna make one for the Lefties out there?

  12. avatar Accur81 says:

    It’s kinda like those painted on swimsuits except for way less sexy and a whole lot more likely to get you shot. I’m considering getting one just for the shock value. This shirt might just go really well over my class IIIA Extreme Armor vest.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      A81, I don’t think the girls in Sports Illustrated had room under their painted on swimsuits for body armor.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I’ve researched this issue extensively, and I can tell you from hours of exhaustive observation that you’re correct, they do not have room for body armor.

        1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

          +1 \sigh/

  13. avatar Chip says:

    As a hobbyist silkscreen printer I like this on multiple levels! Wonderfully fun idea and it looks like graphically and technically well executed.

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      The operative term here may be “executed”.

  14. avatar BStacks says:

    I am thinking I should send my 8th grader to school in this.

  15. avatar OHgunner says:

    Good shirt to wear to the range, but I’d rather not draw attention to myself when I’m CCWing… Which is always so… Count me out. If I lived in a non-permissive state, I’d buy 10

  16. avatar Ralph says:

    If they start selling Inside the Waistband jockey shorts, put me down for a dozen. In assorted colors and calibers.

  17. avatar Roy says:

    Take your shirt off, obviously. The police always respond well to what they perceive as an armed individual spontaneously disrobing.

  18. Wow….just when I thought I’ve seen every possible stupid gun related idea…this one really takes the prize, for now. Right up there with the idiots selling “Concealed Carry Permit Holder” police type badges.

  19. avatar Anonymous says:

    I like it. Everyone should wear one. It would completely diffuse LEO’s trying to profile and incriminate based on open carry. They would give up.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Just don’t try to scratch your armpit while you’re surrendering.

  20. avatar Mark N. says:

    I think CalGuns ought to buy a thousand of these for a protest march on Sacramento…. That would be a treat. Might even make the nightly news.

  21. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    It’s a silly product and I wouldn’t wear one; but I don’t have a huge problem with it. Seeing it from a distance, it likely wouldn’t even register with someone as being a gun, anyway. Up close, it’s probably fairly easily seen as a mere graphic. Could there be some mix of lighting, distance and briefness of sight that serves to deceive a viewer into thinking this is real? I don’t know, maybe; but that would last for all of about one second, I’m sure, and not prompt any action.

    As for law enforcement officers, the ones whose excellence, training, discipline, professionalism and all around superior-to-we-mere-mortals-in-all-matters-firearms-related-ness…………well. If they’re so easily deluded that they’ll automatically shoot on sight anyone toting a trompe l’oeil, regardless of circumstances, then they’re a psychotic incompetent in the first place and any such unjustified shooting was bound to happen one way or another.

    To the point of demanding that someone “Drop it!”, really? A cop confronts a seemingly armed suspect, and his decision is to command said suspect to reach for and present the firearm, as opposed to lying on the ground spread eagle to be disarmed? Such an officer is lucky to be alive today if that’s how he routinely interacts with armed, actual or otherwise, suspects.

    With that said, I wouldn’t recommend wearing this shirt while committing middle-of-the-night burglaries. In a particularly dangerous criminal context like that, the sight of this shirt might tend to reinforce fears and assumptions on a responding officer’s part. But you know what else I wouldn’t recommend? Committing middle-of-the-night burglaries. So there.

    1. avatar Ardent says:

      You saved me lots of typing Jonathan by saying much of what I was thinking. There is little to no hazard in this shirt other than someone doing a double take. It’s not my style for sure but I think its certainly not dangerous and perhaps a little clever.

      I have to wonder about people who think they’d be shot merely for having what appears to be a holstered firearm. If I thought for one second that the police would shoot me for simply standing around with a holstered gun I’d shelter in place until my tickets were ready and fly the hell away from wherever I was as fast as I could (I’d also wear my body armor all the time).

      Perhaps it’s because I live in a free state where things like open carry are legal but I’m truly stunned that anyone things this would get more than an odd look, let alone provoke a shooting. That’s as asinine and absurd as the lefties who think concealed carry will lead to wild west gunfights in the streets.

  22. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    wtf ?

  23. avatar Steve says:

    Those business in Seattle putting up no guns signs? Perfect response.
    Try banning them Mr Mayor.

  24. avatar Soccerchainsaw says:

    We need about 2500-5000 protestors marching in DC wearing these shirts, tomorrow.

  25. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    I dunno. First Amendment notwithstanding, there are a lot of places in which I’d not rik wearing it – like anypa ith “City” in its name.


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