Housekeeping: TTAG Returning to Normal Service

Best line in a movie ever: “You ought to be ashamed of yourself, shooting at a blind man.”  And God knows TTAG writers love a good line. [NB: Not in the controlled substances sense of the word.] You’ll be seeing a lot more attempts at humor, hard ridin’, straight shootin’ and suspense! Starting tomorrow, when TTAG returns to its normal hourly schedule. Hey, if Annie Oakley‘s producers can find 84 plot lines for their half-hour show, we can find a way to post fourteen times a day. Thanks for reading. Tex.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I wasn’t consciously aware that the schedule had been lightened. I did notice that I didn’t feel like I was buried under an avalanche of information like I have in the past, but I just assumed that’s because I’d gotten better at coping. Now comes the inevitable depression as I realize I’m not as good as I think I am.

    If going back to fourteen times a day means you have to use fluff to fill up the queue, feel free to stick to a more abbreviated schedule. I’ll take quality over quantity any day.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      You may not have noticed, but our stats have…

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        I can appreciate that.

    2. avatar Max says:

      Agreed. Quality wins every time in my book.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        In that respect, quantity is quality.

        1. avatar Loyd says:

          I too noticed the slowdown. But I figured it was some combination of RF moving and the holiday week.

        2. avatar William Burke says:

          Good point!

  2. avatar victor says:

    Here’s one for you guys, when you start gearing up:“why_did_you_shoot_me_i_was_reading_a_book_the_new_warrior_cop_is_out_of_control/

    It’s funny, ’cause you’ve been beating this drum for a long time now.

    1. avatar Derrick says:

      Bad boys bad boys what ya gonna do when they come for you. Yep Gun owners are being irrational thinking the government might someday send cops to raid our house for guns, or anything for that matter.

    2. avatar CyborgCowboy says:

      I believe the American Bar Association’s version of that article was mentioned in the last week. Which is just as well, because Salon is generally slightly left of Lenin.

  3. avatar AZ47 says:

    how ’bout some GUN reviews to fill some space..

    I’m more interested in the truth about GUNS. as apposed to the truth about cynical government ramblings of MSM and political puppets hell bent on establishing dictatorship through farting on the constitution.

    1. avatar Sovereign says:

      I’m voting for a VEPR 12 review!

      1. avatar philthegardner says:

        Or a DSA Para model review

      2. avatar AZ47 says:

        JTFC! I didn’t even know VEPR made a 12! this alone justifies my suggestion of NEEDS MOAR GUN REVIEWS.

    2. avatar Derrick says:

      How about a weekly revolver review. They just don’t get enough love.

    3. avatar CA.Ben says:

      How about a review for the Arsenal double barrel 1911?

      Or at least an Obscure Object of Desire.

  4. avatar Jeh says:

    Does this mean more “over heard at the range” because that post was great.

    1. avatar AZ47 says:

      even “overheard at the range” would be entertaining. I know I’ve said some hilarious shit at the range. for instance.. a Baskin Robbins truck was parked out front of the range. I of course went on a sarcastic rant during the ceasefire “NO ONE needs 31 flavors of ice cream! If it saves just one child from getting obese.. we need to limit the flavors to 3! no one needs more than chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry! those evil tasty flavors are only for the military and LEO!”

      1. avatar Nine says:


        I-I can’t stop laughing at that!

  5. avatar Rich Grise says:

    “Best line in a movie ever: ‘You ought to be ashamed of yourself, shooting at a blind man.'”

    No, it’s not. The best movie line ever was when one of the Space Marines in “Aliens” asked Vasquez, a Woman Marine, “Hey, Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?” And she replies, “No. Have you?”

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      I still like, from police squad, ” say, that’s a nice beaver”.
      “Thanks, I just had it stuffed”.
      I’ll waste 2 hours of any day to watch that movie.

      1. avatar Rich Grise says:

        The movie was “The Naked Gun,” loosely based on the TV series, “Police Squad,” which was hilarious and critically acclaimed but flopped on TV because there was no laff trak.

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