Gun Preview: Canik Stingray C 9mm

I reviewed the Canik TP-9 back in December and liked the Turkish P99ish import. Now we take a look at another budget-minded Canik knockoff, their Stingray C CZ 75 clone. Full review to follow.


  1. avatar Andrew says:

    I just bought a tristar T-120 (I.E. Canik). It even says “canik” on the side.

    While I’m not sure of the relationship between the two companies (N.A. Subsidiary, perhaps?), I will say that the Tristar/Canik is a great gun.

  2. avatar MW says:

    You’re right, this is almost an exact clone of the P-01

  3. avatar DIrk Diggler says:

    I scored a stingray -c off of gunbroker for $285 last month!! It takes standard CZ75 mags, but it is bear trying to put night sights on it. I do like it, even if it is heavy. great gun for the price

  4. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

    I bought a Stingray C on a whim a few months ago and it is a fantastic gun (for about half the price of its CZ cousin) . I almost like it more than my CZ-75b. It is a total boat anchor, but all that metal does wonders to soak up recoil. It is a very well made, albeit heavy 9mm. It has become my wife’s favorite range toy, and she has always been more of a wheel gun type.

  5. avatar Ducky says:

    Thanks for the quicky review, I’ve been eyeballing this for a while now, and I think this would make a very fun range toy.

    1. avatar James Grant says:

      thanks for commenting on the video as well, helps with the adsense rev.

      1. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

        so, umm, is that your gf in the video or just a good friend.

        1. avatar Steve zkochmaruk says:

          Dumb question

  6. avatar Blehtastic says:

    This isn’t a Glock, a Sig, or a 1911. How are supposed to have fanboy arguments about this?

    1. avatar Rokurota says:

      Canik vs Tanfoglio vs authentic CZ. Go.

      1. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

        You forgot EAA, Armalite, and Jericho. Probably more, but I can’t think of them at the moment…

        1. avatar Scout says:

          Tanfoglio pistols are sold in US as EAA.

        2. avatar JaredFromTampa says:

          I think you are correct, they are also marketed by Armscor/RIA IIRC. I suppose it is the same as saying that Century Arms is the same as Canik 55…\Shrugs/

  7. avatar JoshinGA says:

    Oh good another eastern European gun to add to my budget firearms list. After 750 rounds through my Zastava CZ 999 scorpion this weekend and nary a stoppage, I have a new found affection for all-metal European side arms. From my experience, they tend to be well made guns with a SNS price tag. Now should I buy this, or that FEG HiPower clone Ive been eyeing…

  8. avatar Joshua says:

    I’ve had one of the for about 9 months now and love it. It does weigh a ton but there’s little recoil and I’ve yet to experience a malfunction. I’m looking forward to the review.

  9. avatar Ardent says:

    I don’t know about the clone but though I’m a 1911 (we prefer the term) aficionado I have loved a CZ-75 (b) long and well. I hadn’t thought of it before in such terms, but perhaps my affinity for 1911’s extends to other full sized all steel pistols. Hmm. . . that explains my 92 Berretta fetish. . .

  10. avatar c4v3man says:

    Some places say it’s 1.7Lbs, others say it’s 2.3Lbs… which is it? My P7M8 weighs 1.7Lbs, but only carries 8+1 rounds… 13 rounds in a steel gun at the same weight seems decent, although I’m more of a plastic fantastic kinda guy, especially for concealed carry…

    1. Their site says it weighs 940 grams. In American, that’s 2 lbs., 1.2 oz.

      1. avatar Julian says:

        Anyone looking for a very similar pistol in a lighter package, check out the Sar B6PC.

  11. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    I am having night sights installed and already added VZ Custom grips.

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