New App from NSSF: Find Nearby Shooting Ranges

Where to Shoot, c NSSF

In a new city? Looking for a place to shoot, but have no idea where the ranges are? Good news: the NSSF has released an app for iPhone and Android based on their “where to shoot” website that finds ranges near your present location. Make the jump for the press release . . .

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Looking for a place to shoot? There’s a new-and-improved app for that.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation® (NSSF®) has released an all-new Where To Shoot mobile app — available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices — that locates shooting ranges near you.

Available for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play, Where To Shoot puts North America’s most comprehensive directory of shooting ranges in the palm of your hand. It also includes video tips for shooters, news and firearm safety information.

Users can search by current location or zip code and find specifics about each range, including shooting activities offered, accessibility and contact information. The app also makes it easy to get directions to the range.

The app is modeled after NSSF’s popular® website and is updated frequently with range information in every U.S. state and Canadian province. New tips for hunters and shooters are also added regularly.

Download the app through the links below or by simply visiting on your iOS or Android device.

iPhone and iPad:



  1. avatar William Burke says:

    There’s an app for that?

    1. avatar Gtfoxy says:

      Yeah, it’s called Google maps… works for me.

      1. avatar S.CROCK says:

        i dont trust google now

  2. avatar vactor says:

    if you put in “Chicago” it just says “here” …

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Oh coffee spew!

    2. avatar user3369 says:


    3. avatar William Burke says:

      That’s because there’s no “there” there. It’s just one huge police blotter.

  3. Fantastic idea!

    As for places like Chicago, those are known as “target rich environments”.

  4. avatar William Burke says:

    Just downloaded and checked it. It’s really good – far better than I had expected.
    I’ve always been partial to Isaac Walton ranges, and I found a couple.

  5. avatar Carry Alerts says:

    Looks like a pretty cool app!

    When are you going to review my CCW app, Carry Alerts? 🙂

    1. avatar user3369 says:

      Checking it out now. Looks actually really awesome.

    2. avatar user3369 says:

      Ouch nevermind. 2.99. Looks solid, but for 2.99 I’d have to play with it first.

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        I downloaded it from the app store. It’s free there.
        Looks like it works pretty well. iPhone here

    3. avatar JeffR says:

      I live just outside Chicago. The constant beeping would get annoying. J/k. One question, in states that allow businesses to elect to be no gun establishments, do you have a mechanism for updating the prohibited locations? Perhaps something to allow users to add prohibited locations to your database?

    4. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      When you release an Android version!

    5. avatar Clay says:

      Shame it’s not on the Android.

      1. avatar Carry Alerts says:

        LOL, the #1 feature request is Android support. working on that now, as you might guess apple and google use different technology bases so might take a minute 🙂

        @JeffR – working on custom alerts feature now so you can drop an alert on the map anywhere you like and label it, this is to address exactly what you mention.

        Thanks for the comments!

  6. avatar Hryan says:

    Did they release a new one? I’ve had the app on my iphone for about six months now; unfortunately last time I tried to use it (approx. 3 months ago) it didn’t even pick up the NRA range in Fairfax; Google Maps has usually been better.

  7. avatar CTrees says:

    Does not appear to work on the Samsung Galaxy SIII – not exactly an uncommon phone! Whenever I try to search for ranges, using either GPS or zip code, the app crashes.

    I like the idea, at any rate.

  8. avatar In Memphis says:

    Does it show a river of blood when you search in states with open carry?


    Cool idea

  9. avatar Major Lee Angry says:

    Didn’t work on my Galaxy III. Just uninstalled.

  10. avatar Lupy123 says:

    I hope that those who are saying it does not work are contacting NSSF instead of just posting on this site.

  11. avatar LTC F says:

    &[email protected])&$$& Apple. Downloaded for my iPad. The “You must be 17 to download due to mature themes and frequent violence” box came up. Really?

    1. avatar Nick says:

      to be fair, you do have to be 18 to purchase a firearm

  12. avatar Rabbi says:

    Very inaccurate. Missing all the ranges near my location

  13. avatar Trkyhntr says:

    Still will not run on the SIII. Reported it to google apps and NSSF.

  14. avatar neiowa says:

    Website versionis not very complete. Or perhaps they don’t include ranges that aren’t “fancy” enough.

  15. avatar Matt in FL says:

    It’s listed all the ranges I’m aware of, and a few I wasn’t, so I suppose that’s pretty good. I’ll keep it on my phone for when I’m out of my normal AO.

  16. avatar Bob Damon says:

    Been using it for a couple months, saw an adv for it, downloaded.
    Has good coverage in the home area and just used it in Florida to find a place during a rainy afternoon.

  17. avatar SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!! says:

    I like it. NSSF is an underappreciated group IMO. Join em. Join NRA. Join them all! (discount at this one)

  18. avatar Anon says:

    This app also asks for permissions to modify and read all your contacts information on your phone. Is this reallllly necessary for an app that just needs to use GPS?

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      It allows the app to add the shooting ranges you find to your phone’s contact list.

      1. avatar Anon says:

        ahh..gotcha. Thanks for the info.

  19. avatar twency says:

    First “range” that comes up is my local Bass Pro Shop. I’m pretty sure they don’t have a range.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      Most Bass Pro Shops have a one- or two-lane indoor archery range. If you look at the details, that’s probably what it is.

      1. avatar twency says:

        Thanks, hadn’t realize I could click for details.

        “Shooting available: Archery Indoors”

        So that explains that.

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