Download: Latest Defense Distributed 3D Printable Gun Stuff Pack (4.4)

For those looking for the latest, most up-to-date bundle of downloadable gun stuff, here’s the torrent you’re looking for. This includes the most current versions of the Liberator pistol, including barrels in different calibers, and all other firearms-related gear (magazines, etc.). You can download the torrent here. There’s a full changelog after the jump . . .

# Files
This Megapack is a collection of newest DEFCAD CAD files including all previous Megapacks, i.e., Megapacks 4.2 (Saito) and the Megapack 4.3 (Tetsuo). This Megapack hence replaces all previous Megapacks. These files are not being released by Defense Distributed.


* 4.4 (Raiden)

# Changelog

* Firearms/Liberators/Compact_Liberator_Frame-zylex/
* Firearms/Liberators/Liberator_v1.1/
* Firearms/Liberators/Liberator_v1.1/other_barrels/Liberator.25ACP_Liberator_Barrels-Proteus/
* Firearms/Liberators/Liberator_v1.1/other_barrels/Liberator_44_Special_barrel-Proteus/
* Firearms/Liberators/Liberator_v1.1/other_barrels/Liberator_45cal_barrel/
* Firearms/Liberators/Liberator_v1.1/other_barrels/Liberator_9mm_makarov_barrel-Proteus/
* Firearms/Liberators/Hydra_Liberator_Rifle_v1-Proteus/
* Firearms/Liberators/Pepperbox_Liberator_v1.1-Caboose/
* Grenades/Mortar-DruidicRifleman/
* Misc/Defcad_Board_of_Ed-DruidicRifleman/
* Misc/Samsung_GS4_Defcad_Case-Proteus/
* Pistols/Shuty_9mm_v1-shadowfall/STEP/individual_parts/BOLT.STEP
* Pistols/Shuty_9mm_v1-shadowfall/SLDPRT/BOLT.sldprt
* Pistols/Shuty_9mm_v1-shadowfall/STL/BOLT.STL
* Rifles/AK-47_10_round_Magazine-KryLiberty/
* Rifles/Carbine_and_Rifle_Handguards/
* Rifles/DefDist_Feinstein_AK47_magazine_v1.0/SLDPRT/
* Rifles/DefDist_Feinstein_AK47_magazine_v1.0/STEP/
* Rifles/DefDist_Cuomo_AR-15_30_round_magazine_v4.5/SLDPRT/
* Rifles/DefDist_Cuomo_AR-15_30_round_magazine_v4.5/STEP/
* Rifles/AR-15_UZI_Style_Magazine-nils/
* Rifles/Uzi_30rd_Magazine_v0.2_nils/
* Rifles/WarFairy_Charon_V0.2B-Sharilivan/
* Rifles/DefDist_AR15_Lower_Receiver_v5.1GS-cb/


  1. avatar Eric says:

    If only I had a 3d printer or was adept in technology …..right now my smart phone has more intelligence

  2. avatar Pulatso says:

    Waiting for a machine shop to take the Liberator plans and make one out of machined parts, just to hear the clueless progs scream.

  3. avatar In Memphis says:

    I still want that P90/AR hybrid lower

    1. avatar Hobbez says:

      Me too. Makes me drool. Wish someone would make a nice composite version of it for sale.

    2. avatar WarFairy says:

      There’s a LOT of versions of that now. Everything from an unbuffered pistol to a long range version. Even an AR-10 receiver. Something for every taste. The last two aren’t included in this release of the Megapack, but will be on the next one.

      The Charon Receivers (The P90 inspired ones)

      The Atlas DMR and SSR (Long range)

      The Nephilim AR-10

  4. avatar Nanashi says:

    One of these days I’ll get around to figuring out torrents. Unrelated note, Oooh, 80/20.

    1. Very simple. Download uTorrent to your PC. Go to Kickass Torrents and search for your desired files. Download the torrent file (not any of the other spam ones on the same page) and open in uTorrent. Please be kind, rewind…I mean seed.

  5. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    Does anyone know if DD has plans to add that shoulder thing that goes up?

    1. avatar jwm says:

      No, but the most durable model they’ve come up with so far is the .9mm.

      1. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

        Sorry, that was a joke. You know, the McCarthy “shoulder thing that goes up” reference. 🙁

        1. avatar Ducky says:

          I’m pretty sure the .9mm reply was also a joke.

        2. avatar jwm says:

          Yep, the .9mm is a running joke on TTAG. I was aknowlgeing your joke.

  6. avatar RKflorida says:

    Thanks for the torrent. I’m seeding now and will let it seed for 24 hours if I can.

  7. avatar Mickey3gun says:

    Caution. When I tried to install the supplied downloading S/W for the torrent. My Malware s/w light up light a Xmas tree. It also wants to “change” my default search engines to AOL and Yahoo EVEN WHEN YOU Declined the offer. FYI.

  8. avatar Paul53 says:

    Got lots of spyware even programs I unchecked as advanced installation. Would be nice to have a clean copy of the file, though.

  9. avatar Andrew says:

    Downloaded and seeding.
    Now all I need is that pesky 3D printer.

  10. avatar Pete says:

    Done and done. Guys figure out Torrents and download this while you have the opportunity, don’t let the federal government have the time to move on censoring this.

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  12. avatar Jimmy says:

    Nice guys, all we need know is a Tec9 lower

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  14. avatar Gary Epps says:

    I would like access to download or have the files sent to me, which will be appreciated then afterwards purchase the product that will create based on the downloaded blue prints

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