Weekend Photo Caption Contest

This weekend’s most intriguing caption will earn the enterprising author…wait for it…a free holster, courtesy of SHTF Gear. That’s right, make me laugh and you get your choice of a rig from SHTF’s extensive product catalogue. What’s that? You’re not the creative type? Can’t write your way out of a paper bag? No problemo. As an added bonus, SHTF’s main man, Clay Moultrie, is offering the Armed Intelligentsia a 15% discount on all orders placed through the end of the day Monday, July 8. Just enter ‘TTAG-15’ during check-out to get the lower price. That oughta get the weekend off to a good start.


  1. avatar JeffR says:

    Safe sex. 1945.

    1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

      1917 actually. I think they were still using rabbit skins or sheep’s intestines back then.

      1. avatar JeffR says:

        And, apparently, full length garments and full auto.

        1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

          If sticking your willy into a sheep’s intestine isn’t enough, there’s no stopping you.

  2. avatar Rich Grise says:

    It’s OK – they’re only for medicinal use.

  3. avatar Ardent says:

    ‘Molon Labe’ just took on a strange and darker meaning.

  4. avatar JoshinGA says:

    The nurses had finally had enough. This year the sailors were going to show up to the Sadie Hawkins dance whether they liked it or not.

  5. avatar Jeff says:

    Wish I had a clever caption, but I don’t.. The image just reminds me of many photos from my grandma’s days in the Navy Nurse Corps in WWII. She was stationed at Port Huaneme for most of the time. Her favorite stories were from some of the Navy guys that were testing LCVPs. They would take some of the nurses out on nice days and go fishing off the LCVP, and let them fire the .30s if they had anything to load them with.

  6. avatar gloomhound says:

    When they said no Marines I think they meant it.

  7. avatar CyborgCowboy says:

    “Keep your hands above the equator and we won’t have any problems.”

    1. avatar JTPhilly says:

      Ha ha you beat me to it!

  8. avatar JTPhilly says:

    This year, the chaperones weren’t kidding about the dance’s “hands on hands” policy.

  9. avatar jwm says:

    In the old navy prostate exams were truly the stuff of legends.

  10. avatar AaronW says:

    A woman without a dance partner, is like an AA battery without a crew.

  11. avatar cholentPot says:

    This dance is gonna be a blast! Nothing like a tea fueled dance to get the boys running!

    1. avatar Mr. Bob says:

      . . . to the head.

  12. avatar Mercutio says:

    Dance with us now or dance with the Twins later…. no not THOSE twins silly…

  13. avatar Mballducci says:

    What’s with the creepy guy behind the tall nurse?!?!?

    1. avatar Mic says:

      Ahaha! Photo bomb from way back.

  14. avatar Bob Damon says:

    A little tough to see any humor in the photo, so I searched for the source seeking inspiration. Didn’t help, but there is a story behind the photo.

  15. avatar fiun dagner says:

    The head nurse said we had to much time for dancing and decided to drum up some business for the hospital

  16. avatar Tony says:

    Daddy doesn’t need to clean his guns, we’ve got our own!

  17. avatar Kory says:

    Headline: “War-time nurses unsure of new experimental anal probes”

  18. avatar Gregolas says:

    Fueled by the fierce Army/Navy dance marathon rivalry, the Navy now feels it has a perfect solution to keeping its teams on the floor.

  19. avatar fiun dagner says:

    Chaperones?! We don’t need no stinking chaperones!

  20. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Back before NFA, firearms raffles were a lot more interesting.

  21. avatar AaronW says:

    No ifs, ands or buts, there WILL be a cover charge.

  22. avatar Scrimshaw says:

    John Moses Browning, American firearms inventor and first recorded photo-bomber.

  23. avatar RegicidalManiac says:

    When they said “No ticket, no entry” they REALLY meant it.

  24. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    The nurses found a new way to get the soldiers and sailors their suppositories, whether they showed up for the dance or not.

  25. avatar whixkelytangofoxtrot says:

    ‘Round these parts, we take shotgun weddin’s to a whole new level.

  26. avatar Adam says:

    “Gonorrhea?!?! No, no, no, no!!! I said I’m going to Korea! Everything’s fine! See ya later!”

  27. avatar SeaBass says:

    The original Tea Party! I’d sign up!

  28. avatar wvumounties8 says:

    “this is how we roll to our TEA PARTIES” Pun intended.

  29. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    “All us gals agree: Size does matter !”

  30. avatar zora says:

    Girls just wanna have fun.

  31. avatar Tony says:

    …And suddenly the commandant realized he scheduled the dance at the wrong time of the month

    1. avatar Middleagedmama says:

      I love this one! Winner!!!

      1. avatar Tony says:

        Haha thanks! Hoping so!

  32. avatar Sparky T$ says:

    Live one night only battling banjos.

  33. avatar Rattlerjake says:

    These ought to put some lead in your pencils, boys!

  34. avatar Nordic Roots says:

    Only way im dancing with one of those prudes is if someone spikes the punch!

  35. avatar Andrew Ramsay says:

    I bet there fun to play with.

  36. avatar William Burke says:

    “Penny-tipping skinflints BEWARE! You’re being watched.”

  37. avatar Rattlerjake says:

    The new 1941 swine flu injectors are in!

  38. avatar Nordic Roots says:

    Overdancing is not a crime!

  39. avatar Rattlerjake says:

    This is my weapon
    that is your gun
    this is for fightin’
    that is for fun!

  40. avatar stokeslawyer says:

    For reasons no one can explain, 1943 was a record breaking year for donations to St. Mary’s Children’s Hospital.

  41. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    “That had Damn Sure better be a pickle in your pocket Sonny!!! And you better have enough to go around”!!!!

  42. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    With most of the Pacific Fleet returning from the P.I. The Navy nurses were more than nervous about the “clap” line during sick call today.

  43. Colonoscopy technology has come a long way since the 1940’s.

  44. avatar Rick says:

    they don’t need any men they have the biggest vibrator on the planet!!!hah hah

  45. avatar Dave S says:

    And you youngsters think the streets around here are dangerous now….

  46. avatar Abqjohnny says:

    How male nurses were treated in 1917.

    1. avatar Paul53 says:

      Hey, lay off the male nurses Johnny, I know lots of nurses in Albuquerque!

  47. avatar Muleskinner says:

    There will be no more Army/Navy brawls and we are not calling the MPs again.

  48. avatar DaveM says:

    7/5 -Tried to order SHTF holster, TTAG-15′ discount “expired”?

    1. Let me check on this.

  49. avatar SubZ says:

    The Pentagon looks to the past for solutions to the sexual harassment problems.

  50. avatar JR says:

    Ladies, are we playing TOO hard to get?

  51. avatar Trev20 says:

    You’ll be lucky to have one left foot if you misstep on this dance floor.

  52. avatar Paul53 says:

    After the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor, the sisters were prepared in case the japs sneak attacked Topeka!

  53. avatar DanH says:

    I said DANCE, boy!

  54. avatar Mr. Bob says:

    Dime a dance, but for a little extra we’ll polish your barrels.
    😉 😉

  55. avatar MikeH121 says:

    “Now Girls, it may look a little big, but it is sure to keep your virtue intact”

  56. avatar Mark N. says:

    “All hands on deck! All hands on deck! Man the guns!”
    “I said ON DECK, sailor!”

  57. avatar Paul53 says:

    The Ted Nugent Nursing School, class of 43, prepares to demonstrate their way of bringing medicine to the military.

  58. avatar g says:

    “Can’t dance? No problem! We got the motivation to keep your toes tap’n…”

  59. avatar Robb says:

    “You boys are taking your penicillin shots. Willing or not!”

  60. avatar Kurt M says:

    The ladies of Fort Riley Kansas all agree, the new needle guns have been a resounding success!
    “Reported cases of the Spanish Flu are down 90%,” according to one unnamed nurse.

  61. avatar JoshinGA says:

    The discount code is not currently working for me…I would like to make a purchase and I would sure love to save 15%.

    1. avatar JoshinGA says:

      They fixed it and the code now works. Editors feel free to remove these comments.

      1. Thanks for the update.

  62. avatar In Memphis says:

    “Chivettes Bored at Work” circa, your grandmother.

  63. avatar MarkT says:

    The Red Cross ladies had a sure-fire method of keeping the riff-raff away.

  64. avatar In Memphis says:

    Sorry for the double. It didnt show up after the first post.

  65. avatar raincrow says:

    First documented sighting of Kilroy,and he was there.

    1. avatar girlswithguns says:


  66. avatar Sammy says:

    When dance halls were not gun free zones.

  67. avatar Mobile Infantry says:

    “Squat and cough” was no longer argued about at the battalion aid station.

  68. avatar Chip says:

    The ladies from the Red Cross Auxiliary finally found an effective method for preventing the DJ from playing the Macarena.

  69. avatar Paul53 says:

    Ready girls? Remember the Alamo!

  70. avatar derrickman says:

    “Where is my suppository?” Said the weird little guy in the back.

  71. avatar DrewR55 says:

    Look at these lovely ladies! And see those neck lines? They’re almost risky. And those navel deck guns! If you have to ask what guns then stop looking at the gals’ ankles.

  72. avatar tfunk says:

    All Alice could do was seethe with rage…after all the effort she had put into getting cannons for the first annual “If you’re ‘gun’ is not as big as this cannon don’t waste my time” social, she knew that a precedent-setting first recorded photo bomb in history was occurring right behind her.

    1. avatar Rich Grise says:


  73. avatar Steve says:

    The “free flu shots for military personal” promotion was scrapped early the first day when all enlisted men returned to their postings and refused leave.

  74. avatar DQ says:

    But being as this is the most powerful machine guns in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: “Do I feel lucky?” Well, do ya, punk?

  75. avatar jirdesteva says:

    Prostate exams form two lines boys.

  76. avatar 4kilo says:

    The origins of “BOHICA” is finally discovered.

  77. avatar Paul53 says:

    After his brilliant photo bomb, and tapping the tall nurse on the right shoulder, Kilroy knew there were bigger and better things out there for him! Shipbuilding was just the start!

    1. avatar Mr. Bob says:

      Now THAT is a winner!

  78. avatar Paul53 says:

    Form one line on the right boys. Those needing a second opinion form a line on the left.

  79. avatar swar15 says:

    Obamacare. We don’t need no stinking Obamacare.

  80. avatar chuck says:

    the first photo bombing picture ever. (Notice the creepy guys eyes on the right peeking over their shoulders)

  81. avatar Darthzaketh says:

    Brad ruins the Army Nurses First Annual Tea and Artillery Cotillion Group Photo by peering over Brunhilda’s shoulder.

  82. avatar Rumrunr says:

    I like big guns and I can not lie, when a girl walk in with an itty bitty waist and a big gun in your face…..

  83. avatar DJC1012 says:

    ALL Men, this party is about DANCING ONLY. And we MEAN IT!
    (The trajectory of these weapons speaks for itself)

  84. avatar chad says:

    Alright ladies, line up, time for your annual pap smears.

  85. avatar Ropingdown says:

    Now with both the law and a pair of deck guns on their side, the Senior Ratings of USS Seafood could finally drag out those gorgeous costumes they’ve had stowed since before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

  86. avatar Colby says:

    That escalated quickly!

  87. avatar Eric says:

    Helloooooooo Howitzer!

  88. avatar Eric says:

    Okay, it’s time for bloomberg’s 20 mm enima

  89. avatar TheDabbo says:

    The nurses made it 100% clear they’d have Big Gulps at the dance.

  90. avatar Derrick says:

    Loose lips sink ships. And so will these nurses if you mess with their patients.

  91. avatar J E says:

    Just outside the shot is a line of servicemen just waiting to get banging.

  92. avatar Brett says:

    No twerking

  93. avatar Brian Why says:

    The ladies at the Army & Navy Tea Room took austere measures to make sure those boys left room for Jesus between dance partners.

  94. avatar Matt in FL says:

    The military enforced “No sex in the champagne room” rather strictly.

  95. avatar Bryan says:

    With a dance being authorized by the politically correct base CO as a ruse, the Navy Nurses were feeling very confident this year. With their water canons zeroed, they have their game faces on as this picture was taken before the Annual Army-Navy Mud Wrestling Contest!

  96. avatar BRY says:

    New management (shown) renames; re-purposes former “Army, Navy T&A Room” strip club.

  97. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Women make better gunners.

  98. avatar cayman_shen says:

    “Any port in a storm.”

  99. avatar Brad says:

    TSA “we are amazed at what people try to get passed our screening “

  100. avatar Stuck in NY says:

    Welcome to the Castle Anthrax.

    1. avatar Bert says:

      i love Monty Python. No one will get it. i would have gone with:

      We are but eightscore young blondes, all between sixteen and nineteen-and-a-half, cut off in this castle, with no one to protect us. Oooh. It is a lonely life … bathing … dressing … undressing … making exciting underwear….

      1. avatar speedracer5050 says:

        Love Monty Python !! Would have also gone with: “I’ll stay!! I’ll stay!! I’ll help with the royal spankings!!”

  101. avatar Lance F says:

    “Gee, wish I were back in the Army”

  102. avatar MojoRonin says:

    Yo, gimme a badass beat to give those guns a show!

  103. avatar Tom says:

    “Complimentary post-dance STD shots will be provided.”

  104. avatar truth be told says:


  105. avatar Andy Walker says:

    This stud is ours. He ain’t goin’ off to no Great War!

    Said about the guy in back.

  106. avatar JAS says:

    Girl on the right whispering: “Why are the boys not showing up??”

  107. avatar Chip says:

    OK Patty! Drop the Bass and lets get this party started!

  108. avatar mashume says:

    After the colonel’s orders at the last mixer that wallflowerism would not be tolerated, went largely unheeded the nurse’s auxiliary took matters into their own hands.

  109. avatar Will says:

    See how buying war bonds has helped already? No more injuries from getting into drunken brawls. If the boys on shore leave get out of hand, the nurses now have a way to calm them down with the new gas launchers issued to them.

  110. avatar Jeffer says:

    “As always, the dress code will be strictly enforced.”

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