Defensive Gun Use of the Day: Cleveland Crime Stopper Edition

“Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Judge John Russo sentenced (Waymone) Williams Jan. 10 to 18 months of probation and ordered him to take the gun class.” Sentenced to a gun class? Are they teaching miscreants safe and responsible firearms handling in Ohio these days? Not exactly. After an arrest and conviction in December, “…23-year-old Waymone Williams, […]

George Zimmerman, Armed, Speeds Through Texas

Much as he might like to, George Zimmerman can’t seem to stay out of the news. He apparently took the advice of a lot of supporters and lit out for friendlier climes and he didn’t go unarmed. “A gun carrying George Zimmerman has been pulled over for speeding in Texas, over one thousand miles away […]

Everything’s Getting Better in North Carolina

  Reader Drew W. writes: Hey guys, I’ve been a long time reader a huge fan on the site. It’s a shame the direction that a lot of slave states are going with the multitude of gun laws that are successfully and idiotically being passed. But I’m here to shine a light on a state […]

Quote of the Day: Racial Paranoia Edition

“Whether the gun magazines figure it’s politically safer to make everyone the same color, or whether they’re simply catering to a monochromatic readership with a strong hankering for all-white cultural nostalgia — or both — is impossible to tell. There is, of course, a hardy strain of racial paranoia coursing through some corners of American gun culture. So it seems unlikely […]

BREAKING: NYC’s High Capacity Limit Struck Down

  No, not big magazines, Big Gulps. “An appeals court ruled Tuesday that New York City’s Board of Health exceeded its legal authority and acted unconstitutionally when it tried to put a size limit on soft drinks served in city restaurants. The state Supreme Court Appellate Division panel upheld a lower court decision that had delayed […]

Gun Review: 1858 Remington

By Otis Earle Fordyce Beals. Sounds like the name of a shady character lurking in the wisteria of some Flannery O’Connor story, doesn’t it? Only Fordyce was very real – born in Massachusetts and died in Connecticut. In between, he was granted US Patent No. 21478. Today, we know Old Number 21478 as the Remington […]

German Rifleman’s Ballistic Boob Jobs

It’s called gynecomastia. Less formally moobs. A condition not unknown to Germany’s Bosch. And so German High Commander [sic] bankrolled Gynecomastia in German Soldiers: Etiology and Pathology. “Published last year in the journal GMS Interdisciplinary Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, [the study] analysed the plight of 211 male German soldiers who suffered from, or at least exhibited, one or two […]