What If George Zimmerman Had Used A Knife Instead Of A Gun?


What if George Zimmerman had used a knife instead of a gun while Trayvon Martin was straddling him, pummeling away, beating his head into the pavement? Might the politics of race and guns have spun out differently if there were no gunshot in the background of the 911 call?

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  1. avatar William says:

    I’m pretty sure there’d still be the same wails for gun control.

  2. avatar don says:

    Doesn’t sound like he had the skills to use it effectively to defend himself. However, if he did, the political fallout would have been about the same.

  3. avatar Chris Mallory says:

    It would have probably turned out even worse. He would have been covered in Martin’s blood along with his own.

  4. avatar In Memphis says:

    Martin probably would have lived after several stab wounds. Then as he is wheeled in to the courtroom to face his attacker he will be dressed like the young innocent boy that our POTUS fathered. He will try to smile beyond intense physical pain, to show that he is still strong. Zimmerman will be convicted of first degree murder and put to death without appeal. Trey and family will get a trip to the Bahamas via Airforce One. He will get to do one of thoes therapy sessions with dolphins and his adopted father, Barrack.

    1. avatar Dick says:

      You ma’am, are a fag

  5. avatar Steve says:

    Although I carry a knife at work as a Paramedic simply for the fact I can’t carry my firearm, I’m always fearful if I need to use it. The average person views using a gun for self defense as normal (even if they don’t like it), but a knife they view more as a criminal weapon and not one used for defense.

    Granted, I saw a news article a couple of weeks ago where a Paramedic actually did use a knife in defense of himself from a patient.

    Still holds a stigma, though.

  6. avatar fred says:

    What “In Memphis” stated except it would have been attempted murder or manslaughter for Zimmerman.

  7. avatar "Dr"Dave says:

    If he had used a knife, they both probably would have died. Awfully hard to kill some one quickly with anything less than a 5” blade.

  8. avatar PathfinerSgt says:

    I post this over at TTAK. Here’s what would have happened:

    BOTH would be all bloodied up, and there would be a hell of a lot more wounds on both. The types, depths, and manners of delivery of the stab/cut wounds would certainly have been analyzed to indicate a level of hatred. The blade itself may have been stuck on a rib. For certain, Martin might have (probably would have) lived longer and this trial may still be going on.

    I like knives. They are useful tools. BUT: I tend to view a blade as a necessity to get to a pistol. Which itself is a necessity to get to a long gun. A knife is a brutal and bloody weapon, although it is something of a deterrent too. A big man with a gun and a frown is probably not nearly as frightening as a little guy with a big knife and a grin.

  9. avatar S.CROCK says:

    if he used like a S&W knife i bet they would call it a gun and he would have the same problems he has now.

  10. avatar Paul53 says:

    Guess I’m the only person who sees guns, knives, baseball bats (and if I’m holding it, a frying pan) as tools, and that we have a national VIOLENCE problem. Ignore the tools. Gun laws do no good. We need to tackle violence, not my frying pan! (Well, maybe MY frying pan. my cooking sucks).
    Yours truly, a voice crying in the woods.

    1. avatar Peter says:


      I am confident that one could inflict a single fatal wound with a McDonald’s drinking straw with the right combination of skill and luck. It is actually not that difficult to kebab a raw potato with one of those.

      So, to follow up on the original question: What if, in the heat of the conflict, Zimmerman grabbed a suitable straw off the sidewalk and nicked an artery with it, killing Martin?

  11. avatar DJ says:

    If the defense was correct regarding the disparity in physical strength and experience between the two, Martin would have taken the knife from Zimmerman, overpowered him, and killed him with it.

    1. avatar M J J says:

      What if Zimmerman had done what 911 had said and stopped following Martin? Both would still be alive, I believe.

      1. avatar C says:

        If Ifs and Buts were candy and nuts, we’d all have a merry Christmas.

      2. avatar DJ says:

        That wasn’t the question.

  12. avatar Ralph says:

    Given that GZ was about as tough as a freshly-poured pudding, I’d guess that Martin would have taken the knife from him and shoved it up George’s @ss.

  13. avatar jirdesteva says:

    What if my uncle wore a dress? He’d be my aunt. Hind site is 20/20 and as such there should only be this:
    The best way to avoid a situation is to AVOID getting into a situation.

    1. avatar Me says:

      No. He’d be a crossdresser, dumbass..

  14. avatar jorge farelas says:

    It would have played out differently. The only reason conservative pundits came to zimmermans aid was because they originally thought liberals were going to use…the story to attack stand your ground law which is a conservative law as well as push for more laws on gun control. Yes I know Zimmerman didnt use the stand your ground defense but when the story was breaking out the liberals and conservatives didnt know that hence liberals were on the offensive and conservatives were on the defensive. After the stand your ground law was no longer the issue conservatives continued to defend zimmerman just out of spite. They didnt like sharpton and they didnt like obama. So if there were a way to use this story to mudsling on liberals they were going to do it. By attacking Trayvon they were really attacking Obama and the democratic party. I think if Zimmerman used a knife he would have been arrested for murder. Killing someone with a knife has a different stigma than killing someone with a gun. Since Zimmerman would have been arrested Sharpton and Obama wouldnt have gotten involved. There wouldnt have been any protests. There wouldnt have been people out in the streets wearing hoodies with signs saying “i am trayvon” or “no justice no peace” or ” justice for trayvon.” It would have been a page three story and only people in florida would have heard about the story. It would have been a non event. There wouldnt be a trial on tv. Zimmerman would never have been famous. He wouldve been in prison. We wouldnt be talking about this.

  15. avatar Tad says:

    George Zimmerman was foolish to follow Trayvon Martin. JMO

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