New from Birchwood Casey: Official 3-Gun Nation Target

Birchwood Casey 3-Gun Nation splatter target

Birchwood Casey calls their line of splatter targets “Dirty Bird.” Students of British slang will recognize the expression as a reference to a sexually active woman. Yeah baby! So what is it about a Birchwood Casey 3-Gun national splatter target that inspires Leghornian shooters to greatness? “This target [is] designed with 3-Gun Nation features two scoring areas – a 17.25” secondary, or “B” zone, and an 8” primary, or “A” zone. One hit in the “A” zone is considered a neutralized target, or two hits anywhere in the “B” zone.” While 3-Gun usually uses human-shaped USPSA targets, the [Austin] Powers That Be decided that shooting at things that look like people doesn’t work well on national TV; they decreed that targets should look like “normal” bullseye targets rather than two-legged varmints  You can buy a package of five 3-Gun Nation Splatter Targets for $12.60. Something for the weekend?


  1. avatar JL says:

    Why are they still using PC targets? NBC already gave them the boot.

  2. avatar DJ9 says:

    Non-adhesive paper-based targets that cost two-and-half-bucks each, before shipping? Maybe for competition-based clubs with big bankrolls, but I don’t see average shooters lining up to buy these for casual weekend use.

  3. avatar JDuke says:

    Expensive AND pc? No thanks.

  4. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Why? I think Walmart has the one that looks like a zombie rat for a lot less $.

  5. avatar jbarr says:

    These GlowShot 7″ targets have a smaller bullseye, but seriously, 100 for $25 is a great deal.

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