Self-Defense Tip: Don’t Do A Bruce Jenner

Bruce Jenner, c

It’s Great (with a capital G) to hear a Hollywood-type speak-up for gun ownership. But I strongly discourage anyone to publicly echo Mr. Jenner’s home defense strategy against a home invader. Sir, I ask you again, did you or did you not say “I’ll blow his ass away” before my client wandered into your home? In other words, anything you share with the world about shooting someone in self-defense can and will be used against you in a court of law. Yes, I’m aware of the hypocrisy of this statement. At least ten percent of the million plus words I write for TTAG per year could be hoisting my petard after a defensive gun use (DGU). But this is my job. Yours is to stay safe before, during and after a DGU. Take it seriously. Keep quiet and carry on. [NB: TTAG does not disclose the details of any of its readers to anyone for any reason. What the NSA does is beyond our control.] Video below the break.


  1. avatar Matt in FL says:

    My comment related to the post:

    I watch Deadliest Catch, it’s my sole concession to the reality TV trend. I figure some (very little) of the interpersonal stuff might be overdramatized, but the fact that the work they do routinely kills and seriously injures people is not faked.

    Anyway, one of the recent episodes has one of the boat captains (who is not known for making good life choices) getting a call from a friend on shore, letting him know that his girl on the side is shacking up with some other guy while he’s away, and doing it in his (the captain’s) house. He reacts like you would expect a jealous young hothead to react, and says, at least three times, “I’ll put a bullet in his head.” I immediately thought, “Boy, you better hope nothing happens to that dude, because you not only said it, it’s on national TV.”

    1. avatar SCS says:

      Yeah. I found my self yelling at the tv, “STFU moron”.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    Why is that OWG wearing Michael Jackson’s nose?

    1. avatar RKflorida says:

      Now that’s funny.

    2. avatar plizkin says:

      Sheesh Ralph!
      Gold is going for ~ $43.375 a gram these days.
      Mr. Jenner can pawn some medals for a new snotter vent, eh.

      Do the math:
      6 grams (1 medal) x 2 nostrils= $520.50

      Having “Michael’s” nose attached: priceless. Whoa. Major bling.

      As Pappa (in law of) Kardashians he’s entitled to maybe an extra
      blow-hole. Ya think? … backside?

      The waste hole of Hollywood just enlarged. Grab a bigger 2×4.
      They’re sucking the oxygen to depletion. I digress.

      Mother Nature: please intervene. Gracias… De Nada.

  3. avatar Rich says:

    Sage advice, but by that metric nearly (Oh let’s just use the well worn 80% figure, why not?) everyone on the planet could have this brought up in court against them. If a persecutor, er prosecutor, wanted to and dug enough they’d find a similar statement in your (mine, etc…) past. Or find a neighbor whose yard your dog crapped in to “remember” you saying something like that. Quite frankly the whole thing was worth vindicating my Kardashian-phobia by hearing Kim admit her hoplophobia.

  4. avatar William says:

    I’m sure that hothead Kanye is all gunned-up, as are the BGs. And she knows it. Beyotch is LYIN’!!!

  5. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

    Dude has had more facelifts than Joan Rivers. What a caricature one of the world’s greatest athletes has become.

    1. avatar Bruce says:

      Perhaps you should match his gold medals, then you can make fun of him.

      1. avatar John Fritz says:

        Bruce! You forgot to change your screen name dude. Now J&D knows it’s you…

      2. avatar D.G says:

        Bruce J! That you brother!? Stay safe and keep your guns off the damn show!!

      3. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

        No way Brucie. Jenner has gone from one of the all time great athletes to a male Kardashian. Lots of legit fun making there.

  6. avatar Skyler says:

    Robert, you’re such a worry wort.

  7. avatar JustLeaveLawfulGunOwnersAlone says:

    Does the TTAG blog or forum software record IP addresses? Does the software or your host keep connection logs, to block spammers etc?

  8. avatar cad says:

    I thought DGU meant dead guy update…thanks for clarifying.

  9. avatar Guardian says:

    Sorry, NBC. Darn fat fingers.

  10. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    On a totally unrelated note, I’d not touch a Kardashian with a rented d¡ck.

    What amazingly useless creatures.

  11. avatar Charlie says:

    lol . That’s crazy! That guy has no freaking clue!

    Bruce Jenner. Uh, … he was on a Wheaties box one time, wasn’t he?



  12. avatar Ira says:

    Jenner cheated as a competitor in the 24 hours of Daytona. He is dishonest to his core. What a low life POS. Nothing he has to say is worth listening to.

  13. avatar revjen45 says:

    “snotter vent” I don’t care who y’are – that’s funny.

  14. avatar Gold says:

    Yeah, I’ve got to agree about the face-lifts. If this guy’s skin was any tighter, we’d be looking inside his head. Lol.

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