BREAKING: MAIG “No More Names” NH VA Tour Dates Revealed

200 Clay Street SE, Blacksburg, VA (courtesy Google Maps)

Earlier today, a reader received a phone call from the Mayors Against Illegal Guns. A MAIG man invited him to their “No More Names” bus tour hoe-down throw down. As we reported last Friday, Mayor Bloomberg’s band of anti-ballistic brothers decided to keep the exact time and location of their rallies secret—lest The People of the Gun show up to ruin their media circus. I called the number. I spoke to a young man who implored me to tell as many people as possible about this Friday’s rally in Blacksburg, Virginia at 200 Clay Street SE from 9:30am onwards. Done! The phone guy promoted MAIG’s main attraction: “there’ll be victims of gun violence speaking.” Meanwhile, bigskydoc just posted a link revealing that Hizzoner’s magic bus will be at City Plaza, 107 North Main Street, Concord, NH tomorrow, also from 9am onwards.



  1. avatar Jesus says:

    They’re not very good at keeping secrets now are they?

    1. avatar mattnco says:

      they are better at keeping secrets than they are at preventing violence.

  2. avatar JoshinGA says:

    We need to get a couple major Youtubers to tell their subscribers about this stat….

  3. avatar Todd94590 says:

    “there’ll be victims of gun violence speaking.”

    what about cake & ice cream? pin the tail on the donkey?

    1. avatar LongBeach says:

      i was told there would be punch and pie…

      1. avatar sbk510 says:


    2. avatar In Memphis says:

      Hopefully there isnt a choice of cake or death. Ill have the chicken, taste of human.

      1. avatar TNGib says:

        Ha – classic Eddie Izzard skit reference!

      2. avatar JT says:

        Heh. Just watched that last week.

    3. avatar Roscoe says:

      Just please, no gun shaped pop tarts.

  4. avatar .9mm says:

    Punch and pie?

      1. avatar Amo says:

        Bwahahaha! I was going to say that.

    1. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

      Coffee and Cake?

      Pistols and porta-pottys?

      Patriots and Paradigms?

      Tally-wackers and troglodytes?

      Oh it is all so confusing!

    2. avatar LongBeach says:

      S$!t! Should’ve scrolled down just a leeeetle more and I would’ve seen this. Posted the same thing above, like an A-hole.

  5. avatar Giao Nguyen says:

    I’m a victim of gun violence. Why wasn’t I invited to speak?

    1. avatar Alan Rose says:

      You should offer your help.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    “there’ll be victims of gun violence speaking.”

    Will John Edward will be there to interpret? I always wanted to speak to Jesse James.

    1. avatar Jason says:

      Despite what the media would have you believe, not everybody who comes near a gun dies instantly. There are quite a few survivors.

  7. avatar dwb says:

    Blacksburg, VA??? are we sure this isn’t a diversion? Seems like an odd place for an anti gun rally, they’re liable to get run from town.

    1. avatar Wei Quan says:

      they figured they may as well cash in on the virginia tech massacre, and bank on more supporters.

      1. avatar dwb says:

        well, duh, now that makes sense- traveling to places with a lot of gun violence. When are they visiting south chicago and the bronx?

        1. avatar dislexic says:

          Haha, they’re not totally stupid. They don’t want to get shot.

        2. avatar Guardian says:

          You mean Chiraq?

        3. avatar Buell301 says:

          Will they be stopping in West Baltimore and PG County, Maryland?

    2. avatar Shenandoah says:

      Maybe they didn’t bother looking at a map to see that Blacksburg isn’t in NoVa. Heh heh, suckers.

      1. avatar C says:

        With Tech, it may as well be.

  8. avatar Saul Feldstein says:

    Instead of “common sense gun control” how about some common sense BIRTH CONTROL instead?

    1. avatar KevinMA says:

      Hey now, Republican’s want to ban that! Why do you think we’re so screwed?

  9. avatar Hill Country Dog says:

    Seems like we should be able to find some ways to help their event along. Maybe a few demonstrators of our own, perhaps people who had their lives saved by defensive gun uses? Perhaps a press release with our side of the story to local papers? What organization can get that put together quickly?

  10. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    We need to keep reporting these things as dates come out. No idea if they are headed to Cali.

    1. avatar Lance says:

      no just to states where they think they can make senators anti freedom which they are NOT…… Thankfully.

      1. avatar dwb says:

        in Blacksburg VA??? seems unlikely.

      2. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

        Yeah VA seems like an odd place. Kinda like going to Texas, or Idaho, or Wyoming. All seem to be lost causes from their perspective. In CA they would be welcome with open arms by many, except us, and we would make sure to be there en mass.

        1. avatar wq says:

          blacksburg virginia is home to virginia tech, home of the 2007 massacre. I bet Aurora, Newtown, or Littleton, or Santa Monica, are next.

        2. avatar dwb says:

          followed by the Bronx, Oakland, Baltimore, Philly, And Chicago no doubt.

  11. avatar bigskydoc says:

    Concord NH tomorrow 6/18. Don’t think I have seen this posted anywhere on TTAG.

    Names read from 9AM to 9PM. Rally 5-7 PM.

    – bsd

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      Added. Thanks!

    2. avatar Ropingdown says:

      But have they promised gun violence victims will appear in NH, too? Seems like a key feature of the stops. Do people like to gawk at their wounds? Would people come if there were no GVV’s enabling the experience of morbid fascination? MAIG – “Where Low Life Grave Dancers Go For Votes!”

      1. avatar dwb says:

        do people at some point realize they are just props and Bloomberg is P.T.Barnum of 2013?

        1. avatar Ropingdown says:

          I have no idea. I do know, however, that the doors these people should be driving up to, the people they should be shaming, are the people who knew their child, student, or neighbor was seriously mentally ill, yet the people dropped the ball, or said “that’s not my problem.” Gangland is different, and it’s about ending the drug war, isn’t it? It’s also about punishing harshly wanton violence which is used to rob, coerce, or bully, the kind of violence which was actually the legal meaning of “hubris” in ancient Greece. Or so it seems to me.

    3. avatar VT Patriot says:

      Can’t help but remember last weekend, where I got the opportunity to visit the “Moving Wall” in Wilmington VT. This is the memorial that is moving around the states, a smaller duplicate of the Vietnam wall in Washington.
      A completely moving experience to walk along that wall reading names of young men who died or are still MIA in Vietnam. The wall is about 100 yards long. I went to high school and college with many of those heros.
      These are the people that made it possible for all of us to continue living as we once did. The MAIG clowns will never understand that

  12. avatar Lance says:

    Get a progun rally going. we out number these idiots every time.

  13. avatar Leon says:

    Suggestion : If we can get to one of these gun grabber MAIG rallies we need to take an example from the civil rights movement of the 1960’s. Let the MAIGers come off as closed minded bullies. Let them be the loud mouthed jerks. In short let them show that they are indeed bigots. To stand peacefully united in our beliefs, especially if we are a diverse group, would rock their gun grabbing socks. ………and might play well in the media. What can I say, it worked before ……..:-)
    Stay safe, be strong.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      It worked before because the national media was in partnership with the civil rights protesters.

      The national “news” today is nothing more than a 24/7 telethon for the Democrat Party in general and gungrabbing in particular.

      1. avatar Leon says:

        Actually , Ralph I have made it clear. I am both a democrat and a liberal. So what. I am also die hard about 2A. If we are going to put these fires out we will need people from all walks of life. A true cross section of this great nation. My wife and I travel the country often from the Northeast to the southwest …….always avoiding NY and ILL. We find sympathetic ears about 2A from many democratic liberals. Do not try to make this just about the media . And Inurge you rember but the media was initially not on the sides of the protesters in the 60’s ; friends and family were hosed and bitten. Bombs went off in churches. There was no collusion. After awhile what was happening cae through and our country came forward. We now have another civil rights issue. The success of our cause is dependent on making good immediate decisions , that will pay off for a long time…..,and OMG I am a Black originlly from Brooklyn . Trying to preach 2 a from NM to New England. Every day!

  14. avatar Inuumarue says:

    It’s not likely they will be run out of town. Blacksburg is a pretty progressive town for the middle of SW VA (the surrounding area, not so much.) It also helps that the mayor is listed as a member of MAIG.

  15. avatar bigskydoc says:

    Substituting Augusta into the above link

    gives info on today’s rally in Maine.

    So far, substituting Boston, Montpelier, Albany, Providence, Harrisburg, Philadelphia, Dover, or Trenton doesn’t bring up anything. Still, as this thing progresses, it might be possible to get an early prediction on other states if we keep trying.

    – bsd

  16. avatar imrambi says:

    Get some Open Carriers peacefully attend the rally. See who freaks out.

  17. avatar Matt says:

    FYI Virginia Tech is in Blacksburg. Prob why it was selected.

    1. avatar The Original Brad says:

      Egggsactly. UVA, the only place in the middle part of VA they could possible hope to get any sizable support. They’ll hit Charlottesville next or NOVA.

  18. avatar William says:

    Blacksburg. Virginia Tech. Home of wanton shoot-ups and a CIA mind control facility.

    Oh. Forgot. No such thing as mind control programs. DREAM ON.

    1. avatar dwb says:

      secret CIA team outside your door in 3…2…1…

  19. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    You can’t out-run the interwebz, Bloomie!

    I say this thing gets cancelled before it hits 5 Cities.

  20. avatar John Bergmann says:

    If they hit San Diego we’ll try some opposite opinion work in their vicinity.

  21. avatar Rick says:

    I just sent the link to the relatively conservative publisher of the Manchester Union Leader. Let’s see of they do a story on this in tomorrow’s paper.

  22. avatar Gyufygy says:

    I’m curious where in NC they are heading to, especially since the Legislature just reduced restrictions on guns.

  23. avatar Dale says:

    PLEASE forward any information found on -Virginia- stops to the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL) at
    email: [email protected]

    I’m pretty sure we can drum up a few hardy souls to greet the bus.

  24. avatar Fred says:

    Hmm, sounds like a trap, or they’re incredibly stupid. Probably the latter.

  25. avatar MiketheHopsFarmer says:

    I’m about 2 hours from Blacksburg, and we’re an open carry state. Perhaps I should reside on the sidewalk with by peace-loving, Swiss-neutrally made K31 sling over my back?!

    1. avatar C says:

      As am I.

  26. avatar KevinMA says:

    Do I really have to drive to Concord tomorrow? This stupidity has been gettin exactly zero media coverage, right? I really have work I need to do. Should I go or is it a non-event?

  27. avatar bigskydoc says:

    It is interesting to see how they are going about trying to ensure a unified crowd. To be notified in advance of a bus stop, you have to register with their website by providing your name, zip code, and phone number. They will give you advanced notification of a bus stop in your area if your zip code matches one of their targeted zips.

    It is so cynical. They know that, given a fair chance, pro2a will vastly outnumber the confiscators and the only hope they have of keeping things on message is to get the word out secretively to their supporters at the last minute and hope the media ignores the inevitably low turnout.

    I am sure that working together we can uncover the majority of the stops with at least a couple of days notice.


  28. avatar cdotson says:

    While Virginia is an open-carry state with shall-issue CCW permits, both of Virginia’s (Democratic) US Senators supported the recent gun-grabber bills that failed to garner enough votes to pass the Senate.

    Virginia’s 9th congressional districts, where Blacksburg is, just switched from (D) to (R) in the 2010 midterm election. The Democratic incumbent that was defeated was elected in 1982.

    Virginia is just about the definition of a “purple” state if ever there was one. Whenever there’s a bad president in office VA trends away from the president’s party. In the past decade the state nearly turned blue, now it’s turning a little more red.

    As a Virginia Tech alum I’m a bit familiar with the area of the bus stop. All you planning on attending best stay across the street from the cleared field where they’ll likely hold the event as it was until recently the local middle school. Although by satellite view they’ve torn down the building (I guess I haven’t been back to town in quite a while…need to schedule a visit again soon), not sure how that affects the site’s status as a gun-free zone until the land is re-purposed. Also remember that the VT shooting occurred on campus which is a gun-free zone.

    Interesting on the Google Map, the address point is halfway between the former Middle School and the New River Mental Health Assoc. building.

  29. avatar Bob Damon says:

    MAIG called 911 to report open carry guns at the Newtown rally yesterday.

    Got this via a link from the Manchester (NH) Union Leader.

  30. avatar bigskydoc says:

    Two more dates if anyone is still around to read.


    When: Saturday, June 22nd, 10:00 AM.
    Where: Moore Square Park
    200 South Blount Street
    Raleigh, NC 27601


    What: No More Names Rally
    When: Monday, June 24th, 11:30 AM.
    Where: Georgia State Capitol
    206 Washington Street SW
    Atlanta, GA 30334

    – bsd

  31. avatar Raconteur Duck says:

    It would appear that Virginians are winding up to give Bloomer’s Bus a fitting greeting. OCDO – Virginia, is abuzz with ideas and the beginnings of some organizing. We’ll see what develops.

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