The Galaxy S4 Drone Strike That Wasn’t

ClearPlex, engineered for both windshields and touchscreen devices, is the clearest, smoothest and STRONGEST protection in the world! Maybe nextime we will use a 3D printed gun :).” Or maybe next time they’ll actually, you know, hit the phone when they shoot at it. Watch this dramatic video demonstration. See orange Kool Aid explode into 10,000 glistening shards and droplets. A liter of Fanta goes full nova, too (they seem to like orange). A stack of strawberry soda cans? Ka-boom. And the obligatory watermelon makes for a nice center-of-mass shot stand-in. So the establishing shots have been presented. Time to show how strong the company’s pride and joy is. Let’s go to the video tape . . .

I’m getting older and I admit my eyesight isn’t what it used to be. But I’ve watched the video four or five times and am pretty sure that only one pellet from the .410 load fired from that Taurus revolver actually hit that Samsung screen. And that one looks like it ricocheted first. Their aim seemed to be a lot better on the “without ClearPlex” shot, though. Go figure.

Attaching the gun to a mini-drone was kinda cool and probably tons o’ fun when they shot the spot. But maybe they’d have hit their target if the producers had hired an actual shooter to pull the trigger. Or maybe that was the point.


  1. avatar miserylovescompany says:

    Fugheddabout the drone, I’m more worried about granny taking on that iPad!

    1. avatar MacBeth51 says:

      That was good, except the “narration”. I cracked up when she spit out her teeth

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    When I read “Drone Strike,” I naturally assumed that the New York Times writing staff had declared a work stoppage.

    1. avatar Hasdrubal says:

      I thought it was Congress taking a vacation. Not that anyone would notice.

  3. avatar tdubb says:

    I’m willing to bet that the majority of those shots weren’t even from the drone.

    1. avatar miserylovescompany says:


  4. avatar Big Boy says:

    Given that they “tied on” a Taurus Public Defender, it appears that most of the cool shots were done with .45 colt. While, it appears, the shots on the phone were done with a .410 ga. The “Without ClearPlex” shot gets the most amount of damage from the wad hitting the phone.

  5. avatar William says:

    “Touchscreen devices?” Then how come an iPhone screen cracks when you sit on it?

  6. avatar Layne says:

    It is illegal to fire a gun by remote digital means. I’m not aware of any means to grant exceptions to the law if you promise not to kill anyone with your drone, ie; you wish to make a commercial. Anyone?

    Did everyone notice the hammer seems to magically cork itself after every shot? I guess the trigger servo isn’t strong enough for double action.

    1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      It’s just a fun commercial. Nothing more, nothing less. Might have been filmed in Mexico. Who cares?

  7. avatar Eski'Moe says:

    OMG! A gun! On a civilian drone! OMG!

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