Mossberg Hearts The Boys From Duck Dynasty

Duck Commander

While I’m one of only a handful of people who have never seen an episode, one of the most popular “reality” series on the tube these days is apparently “Duck Dynasty.” The show’s ZZ Top wannabes are a certified cultural phenomenon and Mossberg has made sure that the any time someone on the show downs an incoming teal, the deed will be done with with a Mossy smoothbore. You have to wonder who has the eyewear sponsorship . . .

North Haven, CT – O.F. Mossberg & Sons, Inc, America’s oldest family-owned and operated firearms manufacturer, has entered into a long-term agreement with the Robertson family and the hugely-popular Duck Commander franchise.  Best-known as the stars of the top-rated reality TV series, Duck Dynasty, the Robertson clan lead by family patriarch, Phil, has expanded their Louisiana-based call-making company into a national phenomenon and A&E Television Networks™ most-watched series. Terms of the multi-year agreement will include focus on the family’s passion of waterfowl hunting, promotion of the shooting sports and family values as well as a series of Mossberg “Duck Commander” firearms.

The now multi-million dollar Duck Commander enterprise was founded by Phil and is led by his son, Willie, and includes family members: Uncle Si, Jase, Jep; all known for their long-flowing beards, and Alan. All share in the passion for hunting and time-honored Southern traditions.

“Mossberg is extremely proud to partner with Duck Commander to further promote hunting, shooting sports and family values,” commented Iver Mossberg, CEO. “The Robertson’s widespread appeal and ability to cross over into the mainstream has bridged millions to the traditions of hunting and sharing time in the field with family.”

“The Duck Commander franchise was built on hard work, family values and our great American heritage.  As an iconic, hard-working American product, made by a family-owned company, Mossberg is a perfect partnership for our team,” said Willie Robertson, CEO, Duck Commander.

Mossberg will work with the Robertsons to develop a line of branded “Duck Commander” guns across multiple categories including pump-action and autoloading waterfowl shotguns. For more information on Mossberg firearms and future Duck Commander offerings, please visit our web site at or follow us on


  1. avatar Brennan says:

    I guess this sort of answers the question of why they went from SBEs and Super Vinci’s to whatever they felt like shooting. Now they got a new deal.

    And honestly, it’s my favorite TV show.

    1. avatar gloomhound says:

      I like it as well.

  2. avatar Swarf says:

    I’ve never seen it, so I’m just being… prejudgemental, but how could a show about making duck calls POSSIBLY be interesting?

    Do they also fight crime in a post-apocalyptic hellscape?

    1. avatar Psywarrior says:

      The duck call making is not really the focus on the show. It’s more like a sitcom from the 1950s where someone in the family learns a lesson or overcomes some family disagreement. It is really funny though and is a good ‘family values’ show.

      1. avatar William Burke says:

        Like a LEAVE IT TO BEAVER of the Bayous? Or is it Bayeaux?

        I’ve only seen a few minutes, but these guys look awesome. And scary, too.

        1. avatar Bear says:

          I took one look at them and said “Yep. We can be friends. First round’s on me.”

    2. avatar Pascal says:

      If your old enough to remember or have ever seen The Beverly Hillbillies sitcom (CBS from 1962 to 1971), this is a reality based version of that show in many ways.

  3. avatar Commie IL says:

    Not to gossip..

    But I heard somewhere Phil shoots an old walnut Browning A5, when the cameras aren’t rolling.

    1. avatar David W. says:

      He also unloads an AR15 into a beaver den.

      On camera though.

    2. avatar rca_cajun says:

      Phil does shoot a humpback as it can be seen in many of the old duck commander dvds. Once Benelli paid them they started shooting for them. In the most recent season, you can see them dove hunting with a Berreta, and some other non Benellis.

      Follow the money….

  4. avatar dwb says:

    well, i think i’ve seen all the episodes. I like the one where they go frog hunting at the fancy golf course. rednecks meet country club. my second fav is where the declare war on the beavers. the wives are babes, even my wife comments on that.

  5. avatar JeffW says:

    I’m so glad I canceled my cable all those years ago. I’m never going back.

  6. avatar Headoftheholler says:

    Mossberg lately is just trying too damn hard to make guns that are horrible, i.e. chainsaw, tactical lever action, zombie, huge muzzle breaks, ect. Why can’t they just go back to making good honest American made guns?

    1. avatar Pascal says:

      Because the current generation believes that gimmics sell. And since they are making money, they might be correct.

      1. avatar Carry.45 says:

        Holding a chainsaw in your hands is hilarious. As for shelling out hard earned cash one? No way. Though I am partial to a pistol-grip shotgun myself I’d still prefer a traditional one.

  7. avatar jwm says:

    I haven’t seen this show. I ditched cable and never got a satellite. I only buy used DVD’s. Hollywood and the entertainment industry are vastly anti gun so I don’t support them.

    1. avatar Mr. Lighter says:

      The guys on Duck Commander frequently mock the Hollywood people, and they are very much pro-gun.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        The guys at this show may well be pro 2a. But the companies backing the show, the stations making a proffit off this show, the network are still connected to the Hollywood Industrial Complex. I try not to support them at all.

        The people spouting demand a plan are all part of that same H.I.C.

  8. avatar Jerry R says:

    It took me a while to watch with the diamond ring red neck intro, but I’m hooked. My favorite show is Uncle Si as the Cajun pimp at the dress shop. I had trouble breathing after laughing so hard. This makes every scripted show and every “comedy” show look like a grammar school production. A great family show for everyone to enjoy.

  9. avatar Ralph says:

    I can understand why Mossberg would sponsor this show rather than, say, Gillette.

  10. avatar Matt in NC says:

    I’m happy that a show with no drinking, no cursing, and no other “vices” is popular. If kids pick the Robertson clan as their role model, they will turn out alright. They value family and hard work, by all accounts are pro gun, and aren’t encouraging anyone to sleep around, get pregnant, or get high.

    1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

      +1 I hate “reality” tv but this is quirky and funny. The producers were rumored to have asked the family to cut down on the guns and prayers. They told them then no show, its still on air. I think old Si would have told them to FOAD!

  11. avatar Jarhead1982 says:

    Modern day Beverly Hillbilly’s!

    Jed, Jed, where that useless Jethro at……Granny, Granny get Ellie May off me shes a whuppin me again!

  12. avatar Chas says:

    ZZ Top wannabees? Really? Maybe you should watch the show once before you pass judgement on the Robertsons.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      I don’t think making a joke about these guys having beards similar to ZZ Top exactly constitutes “passing judgement”.

      Lighten up Chas.

      What did ZZ Top ever do to you?

      1. avatar JuanCudz says:

        Unless you are old and british you may want to fast forward in a minute.

      2. avatar William Wassinger says:

        Calling them wannabe’s is just wrong. Just like if I called you a pig headed SOB would be wrong….Jackass.

  13. avatar In Memphis says:


    I want a 590A1 but anyone near me who does layaway cant get them. The only ones I can find are the FLEX tacticals which are too cumbersome and over the top for my taste.

    1. avatar Shenandoah says:

      Yeah, wait to get your hands on the 590. It’s a damn good shotgun.

      1. avatar Bastiat says:

        For sure! It is worth the wait, and IMO a better shotgun for defense than this cannot be found. I’d rather have mine than any other shotgun out there if the stakes were high.

    2. avatar OHgunner says:

      Why do layaway? Show some self control, stash a little money each month, and walk into a store with full payment in hand, leave with it that day. I never understood layaway, since you only get to take it home after its paid in full anyway…

  14. avatar MIKE B says:

    im new to the show and kinda ended up watching it during a duck dynasty marathon and honestly i cant put me finger on whats so appealing about it, lets just say its hard to stop watching it. it feels alot more genuine that any of the other shows i’ve seen, and Si never lets u down when you need a good laugh.

  15. avatar Hryan says:

    It’s a show about well-educated rednecks… Let’s just say it hits a personal chord for me.

  16. avatar 2Savage says:

    Best comment ever. Uncle Si “We need to put the lethal back in non-lethal weapons Jack!”

  17. avatar Jim says:

    “ZZ Top wannabes”? Robert, do yourself and watch a couple of episodes before you knock these guys. This family is funny, hard working, and they promote all of the fun virtues that most of us love on this blog, without ever being preachy about it. There is very little on the boob tube as pleasant as the Robertson family, and it’s as far as you could ever be from the Kardashian Clan. Last I heard, they pull around 10 million viewers, which is more than the NBA finals can muster. Pretty impressive by my standards.

    1. avatar Matt in FL says:

      First, Dan wrote this piece, not Robert. Second, no matter how magnificent these guys’ beards are, they are pretenders to the throne compared to the ZZ Top boys. That’s where the “wannabe” comes from.

      1. avatar Killercod says:

        Their theme song is “Sharp Dressed Man” by ZZ Top…so…yeah…they at least like ZZ Top…enough to use them for a theme song!

  18. Awesome show. As far as the eyewear goes most of them wear some model of Under Armor. Just ordered a pair myself. Hoping they don’t suck but the Amazon reviews were all good and the glasses themselves look good as well. I bought the Igniter which is what Jase wears.

  19. avatar Paul McCain says:

    Appearances aside, they are a great group of guys and I’d hang out with them any day than a bunch of effete wanna-be cultural elites.

    If you don’t know what “effete” means…look it up.


  20. avatar Billy says:

    The best episode ever was where Si and Willie got handcuffed together and Jase “forgot” where the key was.
    I’ve seen Phil use use the Browning before too. I think I even saw Si with one.

  21. avatar JP in Buffalo says:

    I’m fine with the show as long as no one insists it’s a “reality” program.

    1. avatar Proverbs says:

      Absolutely. Season one was the least scripted. Season two and three were heavily scripted, with a lower production value to boot.

      A&E might screw this one up.

  22. avatar Killercod says:

    I think it’s a great crossover opportunity. Branding firearms from TV and movies is an excellent idea to bring them into the limelight. Think about it for a minute, there is some outfit that does collectible firearms that I see ads for in American Rifleman…the gold clad fancy stuff. Hell, I wish Beretta had put out a real “Auto 9” pistol from RoboCop…lol. Or maybe someone could have done a real “Man from U.N.C.L.E.” P-38 rig back in the day. Awesome opportunities for collectible weapons there.

  23. avatar Trogdor says:

    Those guys are hilarious. Uncle Si is a bit irresponsible with a gun at times, though.

  24. avatar Tom Schiff says:

    I laughed quite a bit at the early shows (who put the damn decoys over there, or we hid his dugout, etc) – but haven’t watched it since they went more reality type.
    And Mosberg has always beena workhorse type gun company – and I love my 30.06 from them – good shooting rifle with a Savage Accu-type trigger.

    And it would mot surprise me if the Commander uses an trusty old Browning A 5 semiauto- one of the best semis ever built. Was looking at buying a Baretta semi-auto A300 Outlander (best semi under $1,000) – even though I grew up using a Winchester Model 97 pump/12 guage in Oregon. I finally opted for a Remington Pump – 870/12 guage – as I could buy the pump – and also buy another rifle – a nice “little” .308 from Savage – with a shorter barrell/easier to pack on hilly terrain – for the same price total as the Baretta semi.

    And yes, it is crazy these days all the foo-foo “Tactical” guns the companies are making – but that’s the craze among the younger set – they all want to be SWAT team/Special Ops guys.

  25. avatar Alan says:

    These folks seem to attract the viewers on a large scale but I’m not sure why after trying to watch an episode or 2 ??? Mossberg could probably do better for an endorsement spokesperson/s.

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