S.E. Cupp vs. Michael Moore and Bil Maher. Oh Wait. Not Bill Maher

I don’t mind the parade of progressive anti-pistol polemics so much as I do the audience’s reaction to their bombast. The baying reminds me that gun grabbers have support. Worse, they believe they have lots of support. That “94 percent of Americans support background checks” thing has gone straight to their head. What was it Virgil said? Possunt, quia posse videntur. They can because they think they can. Note to Moore: just because you can doesn’t mean you should.


  1. avatar Don says:

    Very worth watching this video until the end. She pulls it out in the end.

    They were hooting and hollering at her in the beginning but when she pointed out that crime and mass shootings have dropped along with decreased gun control they got really quiet….

    1. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

      I think they might have been quiet because they had no answer to it, and nothing to gain by proloning attention being paid to the fact. I hope I’m wrong.

  2. avatar Buhrhine says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if someone broke into Mr. Moore’s home and and shot his dog with a musket. Then stood there and reloaded as the aforementioned Moore just watched.

    This is an impossibility though because you would never get past the armed guards.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      What’s the bet Moore has quite the little collection of firearms stashed away?

      1. avatar Buhrhine says:

        Only the finest collection of Brown Besses this side of the pond.

      2. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

        I’d say pretty high. Remember all his bluster against right-to-work laws? He never has and (as far as I know) still does not hire union crews on this films. I don’t see why a little concern like consistency would stop him from protecting himself.

      3. avatar William says:

        You bet your ass he does.

      4. avatar Randy Drescher says:

        You mean mr 5 chins can get his finger in the trigger guard, I’ll need proof, Randy

  3. avatar dwb says:

    I like the part where Maher smirks and says “we can go to the range tomorrow, Mike.”

  4. avatar Fabian_CH says:

    “I dont’ hear anybody saying ‘Obama’s going to come and take my dog!'” *laughter*

    Say hello to Europe, where “fighting dogs” (scary looking dogs like pitbulls) are increasingly being banned, taken away from their owners, and put down for being the wrong breed (or for looking like it, if the owners can’t prove they’re not, in some cases).

    1. avatar Internet Guy says:

      There are breed bans being considered in cities in the US too. That was a really stupid thing for him to say.

      1. avatar Fabian_CH says:

        Stupid, yes. Educational as to how irrational and fact-averse that kind of argument is? Very much so. But I’m afraid the fact-averse community is biased towards not recognizing that, what with it being a fact, and all.

    2. avatar dwb says:

      the confiscation argument does not resonate with Maher, but.the invasion of privacy argument does (based on previous shows).

    3. avatar Accur81 says:

      I’ve got a Weimaraner and a lab beagle mix – decent watch dogs. However, our home owner’s insurance, and several others, would have denied us if we owned pitbulls or rottweilers.

  5. avatar Dr. Kenneth Noisewater says:

    So Maher, Moore et al. Should have their cameras, mics, recording devices, etc. seized or heavily restricted because the Founding Fathers didn’t have them in mind for the First Amendment. Ban High Def cameras!


    1. avatar Carry.45 says:

      I like your statement and you avatar picture.

      1. avatar Lucas D. says:

        Indeed, you might say Moore is “out of his element” here.

        Then again, Moore’s out of any element that doesn’t include the word gravy.

        1. avatar Carry.45 says:

          Filthy slob

    2. avatar Scout says:

      My thoughts exactly. Simple question: “Mister Moore, do you believe your movies are protected by the first ammendment, or was it meant only for quills and printed word?”

  6. avatar Old Ben turning in grave says:

    I might argue that just because they think they can doesn’t mean they actually can. Though it really will encourage them to keep trying, and if they throw enough sh!t at the wall some of it is bound to stick. I guess I just argued against my own point.

  7. avatar Steve in RI says:

    Bill and Mike should just move to Europe if they don’t like the 2A – I won’t miss either of them.

  8. avatar Sean says:

    I want to know why these guys:


    haven’t paid a visit to the Maher residence. Bill couldn’t be any more open about his use of marijuana, putting him solidly in the “prohibited possessor” demographic.

    1. avatar Sean says:

      And since he is California, he had to have a background check to buy his guns. Did he lie on his Form 4473’s?

      1. avatar Don says:

        Someone should call the police.

      2. avatar Don says:


    2. avatar WLCE says:

      no shit…

      excellent point.

      but once again, “whats good for the goose…” is something that completely eludes authoritarian states. as long as you have your ivory tower elites, they will be above the law compared to the downtrodden peons.

  9. avatar SCS says:

    Not sure about others, but I puke in my mouth whenever I see that fat pig, Jabba the Moore.

  10. avatar Eric says:

    Isn’t Moore from Canada? Just another p.o.s who should leave our country if they don’t like our beliefs and laws

    1. avatar gloomhound says:

      Worse he’s from Flint, Michigan.

      1. avatar Eric says:

        My bad,…. he’s still a p.o.s

      2. avatar Bob says:

        Actually, Moore the Hutt is from Davison, the Flint suburb where all the car company executives live.

        Guess what his daddy did for a living?

        Still rebelling against daddy to this day, I guess.

    2. avatar Gabriel Martin says:

      Not every Canadian is a Hoplophobic gun grabber.

      1. avatar Carry.45 says:

        Meaning another citizen who was formerly from somewhere else who is trying to meddle in our affairs. That’s all

        1. avatar Eric says:

          Carry.45 is right. I have no ill-will towards anybody from outside the u.s. but I am sick of such people like piers Morgan trying to undermine our constitution.

        2. avatar Carry.45 says:

          And woah I’m Eric as well. My kinda guy

        3. avatar Eric says:

          Lol, likewise

  11. avatar AecDuck says:

    That was… infuriating to watch. I feel like Maher tries to appear as though he’s “in the middle” on these issues, but he’s just as bad as Moore. Maybe worse because at least Moore doesn’t try to mask his ultra-liberalism.

  12. avatar jerry says:

    Sigh, Mikey Moore. What a vile, loathsome specimen. Probably a role model for rtempleton I would imagine.

  13. avatar Conrad says:

    Am I surprised that a bunch of rich and progressive males are depriving women and the poor of the right to self defense? These same people suggest that gun owners should have _insurance_ in the case of accidents and neglect. My own progressive self says establishments of gun free zones should be forced to take insurance for the negligence of depriving people of their 2nd amendment rights and right to self-defense.

  14. avatar Ted says:

    So would my Zastava PAP be banned under this law?

  15. avatar Bdk NH says:

    Mr. Moore thinks he knows what is best for this country and seeks to control your individual rights. Ironically, he is a fat ba$tard who can’t do what is best for himself and control what he consumes. Mr. Moore can’t get airtime on a legitimate show, hence an appearance on Maher.

  16. avatar Don says:

    Does someone have a source confirming what the woman said, mass shootings at a low?

  17. avatar Jericho941 says:

    Heh. In the end, it looks like Moore wasn’t getting any help from Maher. “If that’s a fact, we’ve gotta go by the facts.”

  18. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Get a load of how skinny Michael Moore used to be.


    Still wasn’t too bright though.

    1. avatar Don says:

      wow, he was a really ugly kid.

      1. avatar jwm says:

        And stupid. Amazing how consistent he’s remained over the years.

        1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

          As much as I hate defending MM, I’d hate to be any liberal trying to argue with Milton Friedman. He had a way of cutting straight through the BS and to the logic.

  19. avatar C says:

    “Do you need a magazine with a 100 rounds?”
    do you need a fifth slice of pizza?

  20. avatar Chuck in IL says:

    It would appear that S.E. hands Moore his (overly large) ass. The smugness of liberals is disgusting.

  21. avatar Pat says:

    Why do libtards (democrats) want ‘Big Gov’ to be their God by giving them even more money, power, and control?

  22. avatar SAS 2008 says:

    This is more proof the Moore still can’t make a valid argument for gun control. His musket rant is ridiculous and is addressed by DC v Heller.

    This is also proof that S.E. Cupp can hold her own and that California can produce thinking, conservative people.

    1. avatar Carry.45 says:

      And I don’t think it’s been said yet but she’s drop dead gorgeous to boot. Mmmm

  23. avatar WLCE says:

    michael moore, being a fat, greasy repulsive human being, is a compelling case of why part of be supports bloombergs soda ban 😉 (jk)

    well michael, i want a 100 round drum magazine just because…i can. just like you want that tenth slice of large pizza…because you can.

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