Nine-Year-Old Ashton DeGrange Speaks at RI Gun Rights Rally

Little Rhody resident Ashton wrote this pro-gun statement himself.


  1. avatar William Burke says:

    Give ’em HELL, Ashton!

  2. avatar Greg says:

    Right on !

  3. avatar hmmmmmmmm says:

    So pathetic when parents force feed their children propaganda like this and then make them dance like trained monkeys for their own gratification and aggrandizement. No nine year old can hold a fully formed opinion (either way) on a topic as complex as gun rights.

    1. avatar mike says:

      and the gun grabbers don’t do the same thing?

      1. avatar hmmmmmmmm says:

        Can you point out where I claimed they didn’t?

    2. avatar mediocrates says:

      maybe not your propogated DNA…

      1. avatar hmmmmmmmm says:

        And I am sure you were very proud when your nine year old gave his first speech at the Klan rally too, right?

    3. avatar jerry says:

      never understand why gun grabbers want to troll here, but its not like they have anything else to do I guess. Rallies are nice guys, and one should never surrender their rights, but the dems hold an overwhelming majority in both houses of the legislature. I’m afraid this is a done deal.

    4. avatar Rob.G says:


    5. avatar Ing says:

      We all indoctrinate our children — if that’s what you want to call it. If nothing else, they absorb our opinions and worldviews simply by watching and listening. More than that, a responsible parent takes every opportunity to actively instill positive principles and values.

      This kid may not be able to hold a “fully formed opinion” on gun rights, but if that’s your basis for judgment, most adults in this country (especially on the anti-gun side of the debate) would be disqualified, too.

      He’s probably repeating arguments he’s heard his parents use before. What’s wrong with that? He’s getting a great experience with public speaking, and his dad is helping him as any good father ought to.

      In a few years he’ll be able to reason through the beliefs he grew up with and weigh them against competing ideas, and he’ll come to his own conclusions. And having the experience of putting an argument together and communicating it at such an early age means he’ll probably be able to do a better job of it than most.

    6. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

      Hey hmmmmmmm-Maybe with the nine years olds you have met-that may be the case. Generalizing about any group is myopic, as intelligence and aptitude can be found in the young as well as in adults.

      1. avatar hmmmmmmmm says:

        You know it’s funny – I looked for the list of nine year old Nobel prize winners and didn’t find any. What am I missing?

        1. avatar Ing says:

          It’s embarrassing watching you flail around like this. You’re not even a very good troll. You get no more of my time. Thanks for trying. Better luck next time.

        2. avatar Milsurp Collector says:

          Restricting access to an inanimate object or confiscating it out of a desire to control people and/or to lessen a fear of said object doesn’t take a god damn Nobel Prize to comprehend. Explain it in simple terms to any 9 year old, use their favorite toy as the object to be regulated, and they’ll understand just fine.

        3. avatar Lolinski says:

          You dont have to win the nobel prize to be smart. I am proud to not have been disgraced with the “prize” that warmongers like Obama won.

        4. avatar Ralph says:

          What am I missing?

          Where do I begin?

        5. avatar speedracer5050 says:

          Your brain Dumbass!! A 9 year old can be as smart or smarter than many adults!! Apparently you were never a child or you are of above average stupidity, oops, I mean intelligence.
          Yes name calling is childish but your comments are not only childish but downright mean and degrading to adults and children!
          Goose and Gander Hmmmmmmmmm!!!!

        6. avatar Russ Bixby says:

          DTMF telephone “dialing” was invented by an eleven-year-old.

          The Nobel committee typically looks at large accomplishments well after they were made.

          One day someone may indeed earn the Nobel for something they did – or started – when less than ten.

          Unlikely, but by no means impossible.

          ‘Course, since you’re a toll and likely of below-average reasoning ability, you’ll likely discount the preceding.

    7. avatar C says:

      Dont feed the troll.

      1. avatar Rob.G says:


        1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

          Today seems to be troll day at TTAG.

    8. avatar Randy Drescher says:

      Yes, robber breaks in house, pa pulls out gun & shoots said robber, seems pretty straightforward to me? Randy

    9. avatar Russ Bixby says:

      Y’know, I had a very well-formed, self-generated opinion on nuclear weapons when I was ten. One at odds with those of my parents, too.

      I was of the opinion that they were a good thing, even with the fear, acrimony, expense, damaged lives and environmental problems they entailed.

      As painful as it was for a pacifist, anti-Vietnam-war kid to admit, thanks to MAD two mutually hostile superpowers had managed to not engage one another in one or more large scale and much more damaging/costly conventional war(s), a rare thing indeed.

      I articulated this in class in the third grade in ’72, when most of my peers were all about little more than the latest G.I. Joe or Archie comic and telling females that they had “cooties.”

      Whatever you think of MAD or the Vietnam war, my beliefs were my own. Maybe this kid actually can think as well.

    10. avatar Randy says:

      So no matter the child’s level of development, or their ability to form and cradle a complex opinion, they should NEVER speak their opinion. Because, hey, it’s just the parent talking.

      At what age do people get the right to speak their opinion, and not just tow the ” seen and not heard” view of childhood?

      The topic of gun rights isn’t really that complex. It’s simply a matter of deciding if you are for the disarmament of the peaceful individual, or against it.

      1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

        Seconded, other Randy!

        1. avatar CarlosT says:

          Hey, maybe this is the Randy the previous Randy has been talking to all along.

  4. avatar C says:

    Isn’t this kinda the same thing we get pissed over the grabbers doing? Using kids to further the cause.

    1. avatar Nicholas says:

      Yes. There are hypocrites on both sides.

    2. avatar Wendigo says:

      Are you implying that gun owners don’t care about the welfare of children? Are you also implying that gun grabbers does?

      1. avatar Russ Bixby says:

        Of course grabbers – the rank and file, at any rate – care about kids’ wellbeing.

        They’re just tragically mistaken as to how best to realize it.

        1. avatar Randy says:

          Russ Bixby – spot on!

    3. avatar Randy says:

      I don’t see it the same at all. I see a boy with a speech he created having the opportunity to give that speech. This isn’t a gun grabber making up nonsense to fit a disarmament agenda. This is a boy who has an informed opinion. We should be fostering this ability in children, and encouraging them to voice those opinions in respectful, productive ways; instead of allowing them to be indoctrinated into the progressive, bow to the government type school system we’re currently plagued with.

  5. avatar Bach says:

    Hmm, let me think…
    A cogent argument from a living underage constituent vs mindless emotion surrounding a dead one. Valid ballots from live voters vs. plenty of votes from the no longer living. I see some similarities here.

  6. avatar mediocrates says:

    bravo (this makes 2 today. keep’em coming)

  7. avatar Shire-man says:

    When children say what Ashton said they’re unfortunate and abused peons of a sadistic parent. When children say the opposite they’re holy angels shrouded in glorious innocence speaking truth to power in an attempt to save all our souls.

    1. avatar spacecoaster says:

      ^^^^ This.
      Well fed said Shire-man.

  8. avatar Ralph says:

    So let me get this straight — a nine year old kid gave a nice speech and RI’s Governor wasn’t there to hear it? Too bad. I’m sure that Gov. Chaffee would have enjoyed having someone his own age to play with.

  9. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    Sorry my comment was aimed at Hmmmmmmmm the dumbass and not at you!’
    TTAG randomly placing comments today I guess!!!

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      No worries, mate. I figured it out right quick.

  10. avatar Wilsontx says:

    My introduction to firearms was through the Boy Scouts some 35+ years ago. I think a good many gun owners developed a passion and respect for firearms through the Scouts or similar youth organizations.

    I’m just waiting for the gun grabbers to figure this out and push for legislation to ban select youth organizations. The bill would probably read something to the effect…”Domestic Youth Terror Groups Ban.”

  11. avatar Jon says:

    I doubt he wrote that himself. It was kind of shameless. Why do both sides feel the need to trot out these sweet little kids as props for an adult issue? Who cares what kids think about gun control, gay marriage, etc. Come and talk to me when you’re 18. Don’t even get me started on 15 year olds being able to buy the morning after pill over the counter.

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