Booth Babe: Gunsmoke’s Paige Wyatt

Paige Wyatt (courtesy The Truth About Guns)

The Discovery Channel recently cancelled American Guns, the “reality” show chronicling the Wyatt clan’s gunsmithing, internecine squabbling and love of mindless pyrotechnics. Paterfamilias Rich Wyatt is here at NRA Convention drumming-up business for his Gunsmoke gun store. Wyatt told TTAG that he’s looking at continuing the series (or something) on YouTube. Paige didn’t say much. Didn’t need to. But could have. Smart cookie that one.


  1. avatar OODAloop says:

    Uhhh, probably a good thing she didn’t say anything. Met the family Wyatt at a NRA dinner last year and while cute on the outside the fantasy is dispelled as soon as she opens her mouth…

    1. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

      C’mon, she’s just a kid.

      1. avatar JMS says:

        and a smokeshow

  2. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    When you can see past Paige, I’d love for one of you guys to get Rich’s opinion on how the new Colorado laws are going to affect his business. I’m sure its going to put a kink in things. Wonder if he would ever consider moving out of the state.

    1. avatar Avid Reader says:

      I’m already seeing some effects. I’m running into on-line merchants who will not ship magazines with over 15 round capacity to CO residents, citing the pending implementation of the ban on July 1.

    2. avatar Chris S says:

      +1 – I’m curious to read Rich’s thoughts too

  3. avatar jwm says:

    Blond, and she’s keeping her booger hook off the bang switch. She’s already smarter than difi.

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Geez, you guys crack me up. Booger hook….

  4. avatar Joke & Dagger says:

    She is growing into a lovely young lady. Yay!

  5. avatar Jeh says:

    I cant tell if she’s 15 or 25 but im impressed that she’s not pointing it at her head.

  6. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

    Very nice!

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