Beretta ARX100 Promo. Huh?

I like Ferraris. Owned a couple. In fact, I might just buy a F355B after I move to Austin. If I do, I know for damn sure the thing will break. Repeatedly. But that’s OK because A) I won’t use it as my daily driver and B) aside from some extremely ill-advised designs, a Ferrari looks hotter than Amber Leigh in chain mail. And that, ladies and gentleman, is saying something. If we were to extrapolate that to the gun world, a gun that lacks Glock-like reliability better look smokin’ hot. What I’m trying to say: comparing the ARX100 to a Ferrari F360 or a HUMMER or an unholy combination of the two doesn’t mean what the Beretta Community wants it to mean. And a HUMMER keeping up with an F360? That’s just silly. Some might say a “presto chango” caliber switching semi-automatic rifle for civilian use is equally guffaw-inducing but I couldn’t possibly comment.


  1. avatar tangledthorns says:

    So I guess this adds to Biden cliche that owning a rifle is like driving a Ferrari? Either way its a bad ad. I’ve said it here before, Beretta’s marketing and sales team has been sucking since Ben Cook left.

    1. avatar JMS says:

      Trying for the world’s most interesting man and falling short is pretty stupid.

  2. avatar JPT says:

    Bad…very bad

  3. avatar Fred says:

    That ad is almost worse than the ARX100 looks. Maybe I just don’t get fashion, but the ARx100 is one ugly bulldog. Maybe I just like flat lines better than random chunkiness.

  4. avatar JR LORENCZ says:

    Why do firearm ad voice-over guys have to that artificial basso-profundo mucho-macho fake voice? I don’t relate.

    PS: The Beretta needs to go on a bit of a diet–a bit bloated around the mid-section…

  5. avatar Don says:

    This gun looks like a house cat and a scar had a baby.


  6. avatar KCK says:

    My mother was an English aficianado, and she demanded precision from those that made a living with words. So for the journalist RF, when going from the large (Ferrari $100k) to the small (Beretta $1k) the term is not extrapolate but interpolate.
    But for the gun guy RF, you’re off the hook.
    Hey, just bustn’ some B.
    Love your work!

    1. avatar John L. says:

      Um, no.

      Extrapolation is the use of existing data to make predictions about what’s outside a data set based on what’s in the set. For a numerical instance, if I give you the sequence 1, 4, 9, and ask you what the next number is, you might extrapolate that it’s 16.

      Interpolation means to use existing data to make a prediction about things nominally contained within the data set’s boundaries, but with unspecified values. For instance, if I give you the sequence 1, 2, 3, x, 5, you might interpolate x as 4. (Thus unlocking your luggage).


      John L.

    2. avatar Chaz says:

      The verb extrapolate can mean “to predict future outcomes based on known facts.”
      which seems OK in this context.

  7. avatar Kevin says:

    F360? Common Robert, it’s most certainly an F430… did you watch the video?

  8. avatar Pulatso says:

    I’d rather have a Lambo…not that I have the means to get either…and if I did, I’d use the money to buy some countryside and set up a private range.

    1. avatar Randy Drescher says:

      For sure, Lamborgini would be my first choice, Randy

  9. avatar Accur81 says:

    I’m not impressed by the commercial, and the gun looks hideous. It’s interesting see all these designs that “make the AR-15 obsolete,” but still seem to fall short. Other than the SCAR and the Steyr AUG, I don’t see many AR competitors that really blow my socks off.

    1. avatar Lars says:

      AR15 obsolete? What world you living in?

  10. avatar Larry says:

    Like the tv commercial, for the ” luxury car” that uses a Tag Heuer, as the watch they compair it to. good watch, not anyone’s grail watch , sometimes the butt of jokes by watch guys.

  11. avatar Joe Grine says:

    I can’t believe the FF made the list of ugliest Ferraris! I though it was awesome that they did shooting brake design. I had the extra money, I would have bought one!

  12. avatar Rob in Cali says:

    Robert… That’s a F430… not 360! Haha

  13. avatar Ralph says:

    I guess that Beretta spent so much on the cars that it couldn’t afford to spend very much on the lighting.

  14. avatar Jeh says:

    Oh man, my friends screwed with me so bad over this thing…
    Not a Beretta fan, but damn they can do so much better.

  15. avatar K says:

    That video was . . . awful.

    I think everybody’s already said that, but it’s worth repeating. Ben Cook, where are you???

  16. avatar Sean says:

    Sorry I’d take Amber Leigh in chain mail over a Ferrari.

  17. avatar Lars says:

    At least it’s not a bullpup.

    Ferrari’s? Hummers? What is this fricking MotorTrend? Who the hell would own either, wish Fargo wouldn’t have mentioned he owned a few, a few notches down he goes.

  18. avatar Ensitue says:

    Totaly sucked

  19. avatar TRUTHY says:

    I bought an ARX160 22lr. First I hated how it looked, then I held one, checked it out. Thought about it, bought it. Then shot it. Now I’m ready to sell my AR and get an ARX100. It is sooooo sweet.

  20. avatar engineear says:

    You’re SO wrong..NOT CHAIN MAIL you poor sado…it is truly…ETHRIL! Forged by Elves of Rivendell. (Rivendale?) Has been many moon phases since I was last there and my Elven is not what it once was. But, if memory serves…the ethril I last saw wasn’t so…so…well…hilly looking. Twas worn only by fighting men but, dare I say, the fighting would cease post haste if we had battle-ettes like this fine lass exposing her…Ethril. Our foes would be dumb struck when gazing upon the craftsmanship of said material and we could slaughter them as they stand in awe…course..we would be awe struck also…hmmm…may the fighting stop as we figure out a way to mass produce this for lasses to wear as outer garments.
    And thus…that’s how the clothing guilds were started and went to pot when they had to get loans from the banks. But that story…is for another time.

    1. avatar Jericho941 says:

      Google is your friend. Google can stop you from sounding like an idiot when you’re trying to be funny.

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