New from Cold Steel: Code 4 Folding Knives


Cold Steel doesn’t have any firearms connection per se—other than the fact that their booth stands, sentry-like, at the opening of the main hall at the NRA convention here in Houston. In our relentless pursuit of knives suitable for everyday carry for TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia, we stopped at Cold Steel to get some cold facts about their latest pocket folder. Dan liked it so much RF bought him one. And me too. Click here to make the jump over to The [shamelessly promoted] Truth About Knives to find out what they saw in this knife that made them go Code 417K with the Code 4.


  1. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    My wife wants one of those with a gut hook.

  2. avatar Lucas D. says:

    Aside from their absolutely laughable “Why Cold Steel Knives beat handguns for self-defense” promotional material from the 90’s, it’s hard to argue that they serve as excellent blades for sporting purposes, working, self defense, and just general utility. I have several and I love ’em, and now it looks like I’ll be getting another.

  3. avatar J in Ga says:

    TTAK that bad that you have to put in a plug for it every day?

  4. avatar Hazzard Bagg says:

    Huge Cold Steel fan here.

  5. avatar ProfBathrobe says:

    They also have a strong connection to firearms in that they released multiple videos endorsing 2nd Amendment rights after Sandy Hook and kept them up even in the face of massive blowback and bile. If nothing else, they’ve proven themselves steadfast friends of the People of the Gun.

  6. avatar Highvoltage says:

    Would never own anything from “Cold Steal”, even if it was given to me.

    1. avatar Lucas D. says:

      “Cold Steal?” Oh, that’s so cute! Now do one about airline food!

  7. avatar William Burke says:

    Not a CS fan myself. Over-hyped, under-performing. Not so much that they’re bad, as that you can do better for about the same money.

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