Remember, Cool Cat Loves You!

Darn it, you can always count on that little bastard Butch the Bully to do the wrong thing. At least that’s what we’ve gleaned from “Cool Cat Finds a Gun” and the other samples selected by Filmdrunk. And those were pretty much all we could take. Good advice for kids if they come across a gun? Sure. But you have to wonder at what point hiring D-list master thespians like Viveca Fox, Erik Estrada and Eric Roberts, combined with writing that wouldn’t pass muster for a Teletubbies episode begins to negate the desired lesson. Blech. [h/t Allen V.]


  1. avatar jwm says:

    I think you’re being kind in describing those folks as D list actors. Or actors.

  2. avatar Jon says:

    I find it highly unlikely that some kids are playing with sticks in the backyard and just HAPPEN to find a revolver laying there. Sure, it’s possible. Wouldn’t it be easier to try and have some more likely avenues that kids are much more likely to come across?

  3. avatar Matt says:

    I’m less worried about the gun, and more about this Cool Cat guy hanging out with 10 year olds.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      They need an episode warning kids to avoid crazy people in animal costumes.

  4. avatar William says:

    EASY on Eric Roberts! As Mickey Rourke pointed out, he really IS a fine actor, and since when is not being in favor with Hollywood bigwigs a BAD thing?

    He was very good in RUNAWAY TRAIN, a great picture with a Kurosawa script that could EASILY have been ruined by H’wood asshats, but wasn’t.

  5. avatar Tommy Knocker says:

    More disturbing to me is that the ahole who put this together thought that the arriving cop should immediately get into attack mode with a 10 year old kid. Notice when encountering the kid he puts his hand on his gun in apparent “ready to draw” mode and command voice. The kid’s friend tenses up and you can tell he understands the situation. “the cop is going to kill you”. Great message for kids.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      Actually, it is an important message that might someday save the kid’s life.

      1. Agreed. That’s exactly how a cop would react in that situation.

        1. avatar Carry.45 says:

          Put yourself in their shoes. Would you do that? If not then maybe the cop wouldn’t either. Just saying..

  6. avatar Jeff O. says:

    *Whew* It’s a good thing this wasn’t McGruff the crime dog, or he might have been unloaded on when the cop arrived.

  7. avatar CarlosT says:

    Didn’t the NRA do this better with Eddie the Eagle back when Charlton Heston was knee high to a Pharoah?

  8. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Y’know, I always treat kids as though they were small adults.

    They appreciate the respect, and return it. It works.

    This applies to driving, dating advice, firearm safety – everything.

    1. avatar Ralph says:

      I always treat kids as though they were the small adults from “Phantasm.”

      Say what you will, it’s kept me safe for years.

    2. avatar Rebecca says:


  9. avatar barstoolguru says:

    Lets change the scene a little like say south philly; “hey mofo look there’s a throw down”,” I wonder who’s punk ass got capped?” One kid picks it up and says “man I can get me some rock fo this” and the other kids says “F-u N%$$&A, I am gonna use that to do a drive by and hold up the liquor sto’.

  10. avatar Peter says:

    Do you think that Cool Cat would introduce me to his BFF, Sexual Harassment Panda?

  11. avatar Jeff says:

    I disapprove of everything about this, except Vivica Fox’s smokin-hot boobies.

  12. avatar Bob Damon says:

    If you scroll a little past Vivica, the next videos are for Plaxico Buress. Even YouTube has a sense of irony….

  13. avatar Rebecca says:

    I posted this on the comments on YouTube:

    Y’all did this entirely wrong.

    1) Leave someone behind to watch the gun and prevent someone taking it.

    2) The dad should have confronted “Butch” and used Parental Authority to confiscate it.

    3) A cop should not have been needed unless the gun was an unknown element: not the man’s, and not anyone in the neighborhood’s. THEN you call the police and have them take the gun.

    Poor video. I award you no points, and may god have mercy on your soul.

  14. avatar mp504 says:

    This is bad in just so many ways, and it is RACIST! How you may ask, first it is a white kid with blonde hair picking up the revolver. Need I say more?

    1. avatar Conway Redding says:

      Once again, racism, like beauty, proves itself to be in the eye of the beholder.

  15. avatar Fred says:

    So they see a gun, go to find adults, see “Butch the Bully” pick it up and run off, and then forget about it for what appears to be at least a day. Did they figure Butch would take care of it and decide to not tell anyone? That’s they only way the following situation could have happened.

    Stupid all around and teaches kids to be ignorant. An educated kid would have picked up the revolver, safely cleared it, and taken it to their parents, instead we should teach our children to be helpless and have others do everything for them. That’s pretty consistent with the left-leaning lifestyle. I guess they want to teach ’em young.

  16. avatar Todd says:

    The Problem here is it teaches fear about firearms and not respect for firearms. You can teach your kids to do things in a calm manner.

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