NRA Convention Live Streaming Begins at 1:00p Central


Now that we’ve all made it to Houston, with RF dodging 5.56 rounds at Bush International, it’s time to focus on the guns. Toward that end, for those who couldn’t make the trek to the Lone Star State, we’ll be running a live stream of some of the NRA’s high profile presentations. Starting at 1:00p central, we’ll have a sticky post at the top of the site for those who’d like to tune in. Make the jump for the events and times . . .

Friday, May 3
1:00 PM  – 4:00 PM CT: ILA Leadership Forum
4:00 PM ­ 5:00 PM CT: NRA News | Cam & Co on Sportsman Channel

Saturday, May 4
9:50 AM ­ 2:00 PM CT: NRA Members Meeting
4:00 PM ­ 5:00 PM CT: Special Saturday Edition of NRA News | Cam & Co
7:20 PM ­ 10:30 PM CT: NRA Stand and Fight Rally

Sunday, May 5
10:00 AM ­ 1:00 PM: Special NRA News Wrap-Up Show


  1. avatar In Memphis says:

    Wish I could be there and thanks for the coverage for thoes of us who cant be there. Y’all have a good day. Sarah Palin is a MILF

  2. avatar tangledthorns says:

    Sarah Palin should replace Wayne.

    1. avatar CarlosT says:

      If LaPierre gives the NRA perception issues, Palin would dial them to eleven.

  3. avatar SentMKG says:

    Rather than building more distrust of NRA by having Mrs. Palin speak, who honestly very few Americans like, we should have more important people like MAC and Coloinoir. If the NRA wants to gain more support it needs more main stream people and less Palin.

  4. avatar TexasLookout says:

    Never being a member of the NRA and or attending a NRA Convention until February 2013 , I thought it was time. Arriving early Friday morning thinking not many people would be there, I was wrong. Thousands upon Thousands of people heading towards the convention center at 9:15 am. Introducing my self to many people I found that they came from all over the USA.
    My main goal was to hear all the speakers talk. Never in my entire life of 60 years have I heard people talk from their hearts about our country. The Leadership Forum lasted from 1pm to 4:30 pm. The Speakers talked with Facts and unless you listen to all the speakers then only would you then be able to form your own thoughts. And you can simply go to the NRA website and watch. just a note that the speakers on friday had the American Flag as the background.

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