Gun Preview: Dan Wesson ECO 9mm

The Grants give the Dan Wesson ECO 9mm officer-sized 1911 a go. Full review to follow.


  1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Another 1911 I will never afford…

  2. avatar MN Matt says:

    In the interest of full disclosure, I have never shot or even held a 1911. I admire the gun, at the very least from a historical perspective. There – that’ll probably have the old farts complain about “Kids these days.”

    But I can’t fathom dropping $1600 (or more!) on a handgun that I’m going to beat up on carrying all day and that I might have to turn around and give up if, God forbid, I have to use it for real. It’s hard enough to drop another $150 onto the gun for good sights. I simply do not understand über expensive carry guns.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      You know if price is the big issue keeping you away from 1911s, a good RIA can be had for about $500. Its not a Dan Wesson but its reliable and has a great warranty.

      1. avatar Loyd says:

        +1 on the Rock Island

    2. avatar tdiinva says:

      You will not find a smoother stock trigger than the one on the 1911. You can by a Springfield Milspec for about $700. Despite the popularity of the plastic framed Glocks and Springfields the 1911 platform is by no means out of date. My 5’4″/120lb wife regularly shoots 1/4″ groups at 15-20 yards with mine and she doesn’t shoot 45 very often.

    3. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

      To me it’s like plunking down big money on a nice watch, or something like that. It’s probably going to see some wear and tear, but you’ll feel fancy carrying it. Some like that appeal, some don’t. I don’t love carrying 1911s in general because of their bits and bobs that stick out (beavertail and hammer jab me in the love handles, ouch!) so my Dan Wesson is a bit of a safe queen. I mostly got it to have a “quality” piece to play with occasionally.

      1. avatar MN Matt says:

        I totally get the watch analogy. With where I’m at in my firearms hobby (read: the beginning), I feel that my money should be going something other than a 1911, at least right now. I hope to someday experience shooting a quality 1911…it’s just not in the cards yet.

    4. avatar OODAloop says:

      I carry either a Springfield 1911 EMP or Dan Wesson CCO every day. Yup, they’re $1K apiece, but I take them to all my training classes, run IDPA-style courses with them and they’re the tools I use to protect myself. I’ve got over 8000 rounds thru the EMP, which at current 9mm ammo costs ($450/1K) would be approx $3600, so compared to that, $1000 for the pistol is nothing. The Dan Wesson has about the same. Like the old parachute saying, do you really want the cheapest one available?

      1. avatar Yosef Rosen says:

        What kind of ammo do you run through your EMP for training and carry?

        Thx, YR

  3. avatar RightYouAreKen says:

    Looking forward to the review. My Dan Wesson Guardian .45 ACP (commander sized 1911 with alloy frame) has been flawless, and is beautifully fitted.

  4. avatar JMS says:

    BIG Dan Wesson fan. Very hard to beat the fit, finish, and parts quality of their 1911’s anywhere near the same price range these days. If I weren’t broke, I’d have a Dan Wesson Valor customized by Severn’s Custom and I’d probably have an ECO also. But, alas, I am broke so it’ll just have to wait.

  5. avatar JL says:

    The Monarch!

  6. avatar TRUTHY says:

    Ho Hum, another 1911

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