Die Square, Die!

TTAG contributor Ryan Finn isn’t any happier about Square’s decision to stop processing gun- or ammo-related transactions than the FirearmConcierge. Turn up the sound to get his full commentary.


  1. avatar frankgon4 says:

    pretty much said it all

  2. avatar Scott says:

    Love it!!!

  3. avatar Daniel Silverman says:

    More we want more!! lol

    1. avatar Ryan Finn says:

      If you want to send me square readers, I’ll be happy to destroy them in new and interesting ways Daniel 😉

  4. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    That’ll learn ’em.

  5. avatar Brian Whatever says:

    If you signup right on their website, you can get one free.


    Afterwards, you cancel and it costs them money!!
    Works for me! Lol!

    1. avatar Thjatty says:

      So if cancelling costs them $$, why doesn’t every available 2nd amendment supporter get one, open acct then cancel? Bwahahaha! 🙂

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