Daily Digest: Full Circle Edition

We end the week the same way we started it – talking about Mayor Bloomberg’s MAIG mafia and their campaign against Arkansas Senator Mark Pryor. Pryor has countered Hizzoner’s attack ads with an ad of his own. In it, he states, “The mayor of New York City is running ads against me because I opposed President Obama’s […]

Bracing For the Post-Ricin Letter Anti-Gun Backlash

By David Casaceli It didn’t take long for Bloomberg’s goons at the NYPD to jump out and let us all know that the most recent whack job with the hots for castor beans was an evil gun nut. With this latest white powder copycat apparently an IGOTD, some self-reflection may be in order for the Armed […]

It Should Have Been a DGU: Violent Anti-Violence Advocate Edition

Tio Hardiman is executive director of CeaseFire Illinois. According to the anti-gun group’s web site Hardiman “has dedicated his life and career to community organizing for peace and social change. In 1999, Mr. Hardiman joined Cure Violence, an award-winning public health model that has been scientifically proven to reduce shootings and killings. In this capacity, […]

New Pictures: Prototype Russian AEK-971

Thanks to reader Alexandr in Russia, we have a new look at a prototype for the AEK-971 rifle, this time the military 6П68 variant. The Russian armed forces have used variants of the AK-47 rifle ever since the end of World War II, and the design is starting to show its age especially compared to […]

SAAMI Video: Ammo Is Pretty Damned Safe

SAAMI is the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers Institute. They’re the people who, among other things, test and publish standard for gun and ammo makers. As a service to firefighters and other emergency responders, they’ve produced this hard-to-watch video. It’s hard to watch because so much now-scarce ammo is sacrificed to show that despite what […]

New From Italian Gun Grease: Three New Formulas

There are so many inappropriate, ethnically insensitive jokes here that it’s probably best to just run the press release and call it good: Gun owners expect longevity and reliability from their firearms. Now, they can increase both with the help of three new firearms maintenance formulas released by Italian Gun Grease (IGG). The three products […]

Note to VPC Wanne-Be’s: “Gun Deaths” Includes Suicides

The Violence Policy Center (VPC) is nothing if not clever. For one thing, they call themselves the Violence Policy Center not the Crusade for Civilian Disarmament. When it comes to feeding context-less stats and half-truths about firearms fatalities to the mainstream media VPC jefe Josh Sugarmann is The Man. The latest meme (as dutifully if not diligently […]