EDC for CCW: Wilson Combat Damascus Deluxe StarFighter Folding Knife

Wilson Combat makes 1911’s. Damn fine guns that cost a bomb, last a lifetime and shoot straighter than Minnesota Fats pocketing an eight ball. Nick Leghorn carries one. Andrew “I’m Right You’re Wrong Now STFU” Wilkow carries one. Ten years ago, the gunmaker decided to extend the brand by offering knives. As you’d expect for a company as tightly focused as Wilson Combat, the move has been wildly successful. To wit: just six days after offering ten examples of knife maker Brian Tighe‘s Damascus Deluxe StarFighter [custom alliance #17] the $1,495 blade’s sold out. And it’s easy to see why . . .

Click here to read the inside dope on the Wilson Combat StarFighter folding knife at thetruthaboutknives.com.


  1. avatar Eric says:

    The Truth About Knives is over that way.

  2. avatar ProfBathrobe says:

    If angels carried folders they would look like that. The folders, not the angels. Unless the heavenly host is actually comprised of giant sapient folding knives. Which would be awesome.

  3. avatar William says:

    Prepared citizens carry all sorts of weapons. Stay rat cheer.

    I don’t often conceal carry a gun. Reason: never bothered to get legal; something about “our” government staying outta my beeswax. But I usually have three pocket knives and a neck knife on me, and sometimes a sword cane and knives stashed all over the house, in case of fire… I mean trouble. I have a Tighe-designed folder, and am a big fan of his work.

    But that thing is expensive ON TOP of UGLY. Don’t care for it one bit, nossir.

    1. avatar rab says:

      That knife is NOT ugly.. it is HIDEOUS

  4. avatar Emancipator144 says:

    I don’t see an everyday carry knife costing over $1000…. It should be something you can lose and not care about. I’ll stick with my $8 No. 6 Opinel. Now that’s a fine gentleman’s cutting piece if I do say so myself.

    1. avatar Werewolf1021 says:

      I agree. I’ve lost a few pocket knives while working or hiking. I would crap my pants if I lost a $1000 knife.

      I recommend a RAT-1, Kershaw Chill, Kershaw Skyline, or an Opinel no 8 or 6.

      All those are around or under $30.

  5. avatar David W. says:

    That thing is ugly…

    And the price?! Is it made out of platinum??

    1. avatar Jim L says:

      I concur.. ugly, fugly.. no way I would drop that kind of coin on a knife like that. You want to see some nice, ornate, knives ? check out Skye Knives (knifemaker.co.uk)

  6. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    I can appreciate a beautiful knife, and this particular one unquestionably is, however lest I hit the lottery-I cannot see spending that for an EDC. I carry knives every day, but my knives are meant to be used from cleaning fingernails, to scratching, cutting and slicing to stabbing if need be. A knife costing 1500 smackeroos in my book would never see the use and abuse I give my easily replaceable knives.

  7. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Carry knives are like carry guns: They should work, work dependably, well, etc.

    But you should not be crying like a little girl when (not if) you lose them. I’ve dropped knives that cost $100 and was really annoyed. And when you drop a knife in the middle of the night when you were baling hay in the middle of a 125+ acre pivot, trust me when I say you’ll need some real luck to find it.

    I’d be more than annoyed if I dropped a blade that cost me more than a really nice S&W revolver. $100 will get you some very dependable carry knives all day, every day.

    And as much as I like damascus steels, the “stepped” edge they have on that knife is really ugly. I can only think that they put that blade into a CNC mill and contoured the bevel with an end mill. A handle of damascus steel might be eye-catching, but I don’t see it as functional, especially since I often have to hold a knife when it’s really cold outside.

  8. avatar Mediocrates says:

    Really? Next you are going to tell me I should have bought a Glock instead of this Hi Point.

  9. avatar Jay Dunn says:

    My Sog Twitch II cost $30 and I think it does everything a knife should.

  10. avatar New Chris says:

    Garish. It might be the best knife in the world but I would never use it due to the price.

    So for me at least, it’s useless and ugly.

  11. avatar Mark N. says:

    Like the blade, hate the handle, would never buy a knife costing this much. Perfectly happy with my $20 Buck for all the reasons others post above. Very good blade, sharpens easily, and if I forget it’s in my pocket when I go through an airport (like I did with the last one I had), no big deal. Or losing it to the PD if one happens to be in the wrong county (my 3″ blade is legal under state law, but anything over 2.5″ is banned in LA.)

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