Obscure Object of Desire: SCAR Folding Charging Handle

It’s no secret that I’m not entirely fond of the fixed charging handle on the SCAR rifle series. So when I started using the SCAR 16S in competition shooting, I wanted to find a way to improve the design. I came up with an idea for how a folding charging handle might work, allowing for a longer handle when you need it, but is able to collapse to less than the full length of the original. So I contacted the guys at M&H Machining — makers of those slick CNC machined magazines — to see if they’d be interested in working with me to make the idea come to life. To my surprise, they jumped all over it and took it from a back-of-the-napkin sketch to this prototype in only a couple of weeks. I’ll be testing it out on Monday. From there, I hope M&H will be making them available commercially pretty shortly once we get the bugs worked out. Needless to say, I’m insanely jazzed and can’t wait to get my hands on it.


  1. avatar MN Matt says:

    Looks cool! The SCAR’s charging handle reciprocates though, doesn’t it? I’m curious how a hinged piece of metal would survive that kind of action.

  2. avatar Derek says:

    Folding forward like that, would it obstruct the ejection port?

  3. avatar gbo says:

    Looks cool. I’d buy one.

    Spring loaded to the closed position?

  4. avatar MtGoat says:

    Great idea but the charging handle should be angled down similar to the Tango Down so you don’tbust your knuckles on your optics.
    If there were a small detent or the like the handle should stay put during the cycling operation.
    Great idea.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      It is a half an inch longer so it clears the optics, but an angle might not be a bad idea.

  5. avatar racer88 says:

    Planning on anodizing it (black)?

  6. avatar Nick says:

    +1 on angle down, and black or FDE anodizing. Just to gild the lily a bit, you could also lightly serrate that front radius to keep your finger from slipping off when it’s wet.

    Great idea, I’ll buy a couple if you bring them to market.

  7. avatar Narcoossee says:

    Patent(s) pending, I hope.

  8. I have both a SCAR 16 and SCAR 17, and bought a Stryker Enterprises EACH handle for the 17. It’s a big thing, but I like the positive grip it afford and the larger size makes it easier to grab and go, but I do wonder about it snagging in gear, etc.

    I’ll follow this with great interest, seems like a great concept.

    +1 for FDE and for some added “grippiness” on it.


  9. avatar Rabbit says:

    Great starting point. With a couple small tweaks, you could probably retire on the sales.

    The hinge will loosen up over time with use. I think a small detent to positively lock it in the open or closed position would be simple to add to the design. It also looks like it could be made ambidextrous with a couple small design modifications. Changing the hinge to more of a “tongue and groove” setup would also allow it to be secured with a roll pin; which would be cheaper than a bolt and less likely to loosen up if done correctly. Just my $0.02.

  10. avatar Bill D says:

    Great idea. I, too, have Sgt. Stryker’s handle and like it. However, I like the idea of a “collapsible” handle even more and one that is angled down. As a southpaw, having it work both sides is important to me. Would definitely spring for an anodized or black one if you bring them to market. Good luck!

  11. avatar WLCE says:

    It amazes me how many bitch and cry about the reciprocating charging handle on the SCAR but say nothing about the AK or M14.

    Hell, even with those two later guns, you cannot even switch sides.

  12. avatar Charlie Kilo says:

    Or…. you could just ask FNH about their non-reciprocating charging handle that they had on display at Modern Day Marine 2012.

    +1 on the Stryker Enterprises E.A.C.H. I run them on all of my SCARs.

    Regardless, floating hand forward on the shroud or rails with the support hand, doesn’t ever get in the way of the charging handle, regardless of side.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      Yeah, they don’t appear to be anywhere near releasing that to the public. I’ve seen it, and it is not a user replaceable part.

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