Follow Foghorn Live at the Texas Multigun Championship


As I write this, I’m getting ready for day two of the Texas Multigun Championship. I’m roking and rolling with Dianna and Erik from Team FNH USA, and so far things are going pretty awesomely. For those wanting to follow along at home, the event is posting the scores LIVE as they come in. If you’re interested, this page will show you my times as they’re posted, and you can read the accompanying stage descriptions here.


  1. avatar Tyler Kee says:

    We’re already proud of you. All you can do is make us unproud. Go be high speed, low drag.

    Good luck!

    1. avatar Arete13 says:

      Hahahah, another DQ and we might love you less!

  2. avatar Mashashin says:

    Show em how it’s Dione on the internets!
    Have fun

  3. avatar Ben says:

    Please never stop this series! These articles let me live vicariously through you, and it’s a blast!

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