New from Magpul: 30-round AK-47 Magazine

Magpul just announced via Facebook that they are now producing and shipping 30-round magazines for the AK-47 platform in 7.62×39. This is their first announced magazine for a new weapons platform since they introduced the 7.62 NATO PMAG for the AR-10 weapon system, and the first non-AR magazine they’ve made (well, besides that G36 PMAG […]

Magpul Introduces “Pro” Back-Up Sights

Magpul announced this week (just ahead of the NRA Annual Meeting) that they have a new line of flip-up backup sights. This time, they’re made of steel rather than plastic. That plasticity was the main complaint about the previous sights, and it doesn’t hurt that the new versions have a new look to them as […]

Shooting the Lone Star Shooting Assn World 3-Gun

After the Texas Multigun Championship last week, I was really looking forward to my next 3-gun match. I learned a ton from the Team FNH USA guys, and I really wanted to put that knowledge to work. Unfortunately, thanks to the NRA Annual meeting coming up and then needing to cover some of the pro […]

How to Shoot 3-Gun…And Not Be Disqualified

  Competition shooting is one of the safest sports in existence. More people are injured playing golf than ever get hurt in a 3-gun match. The reason these competitions are so safe is that there are strict safety rules, and the penalty for breaking even a single one is an instant and unchallengeable disqualification from […]

Debunking Ari Melber’s Anti-Gun Hissy Fit

MSNBC has never been known as a bastion of logic-based argument and debate when it comes to gun control. In fact, they’re usually the ones who spout the most inaccuracies and false analogies when it comes to firearms in order to get their pro-gun control agenda out there. I found one such video over on […]