MAC Does the Vortex Razor Red Dot

The colonel gives the Vortex Razor red dot a good going over…and likes what he sees.


  1. avatar William Burke says:

    Well, it’s always an option. A better comparison to the Vortex might be the venerable EOTech. Let’s see THAT comparison. Same price range.

  2. avatar JMS says:

    I wish I could consider a $600 red dot “mid priced” haha. Gotta work harder I guess!

    1. avatar Brian S says:

      well, you can get it for anout $430 thru that link in the video, but yeah…

  3. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

    Is it just me, or is anybody else confused as to why these things should cost more than $50-$100. I don’t understand what makes a $700 eotech cost that much!

    1. avatar oopsdidisaythatoutloud says:

      I wanna know how they avoid parallax issues. Isn’t there just one lens?

    2. avatar Lolinski says:

      Optics are hard to make. It is even harder to make good optics, that is why they are expensive. That and the fact that people earn more here in Europe where many expensive, quality optics are made.

      1. avatar John L. says:

        Clarity of glass (or whatever optical material), correct surface profile, good surface finish, assorted coatings (which also have to be of high quality) all make good optics hard to do right.

        Now put them together correctly, eg well-aligned. Also often not trivial to do well.

        Now add shockproof mounting and alignment systems (recoil hits everything attached to the gun) to the price tag.

        Add it all up and even a seemingly simple optical system can get pretty expensive.

  4. avatar Mike DeWitz says:

    tryiny to locate discount code from the video about the vortex razer with Dam Zimmerman

  5. avatar James says:

    Oh man, what a poor grip on the gun…

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