New From Nightforce: NXS Compact 2.5-10 x 42 Scope

Just ahead of the NRA Show this weekend comes news out of Georgia from Nightforce that they’re expanding their well-respected NXS compact line. Already offering a 2.5-10×32 scope, they’ve upped the ante by adding a 42mm front optic. Which should make seeing those early rising deer or happy hour rutting feral hogs that much easier […]

New from Magpul: 30-round AK-47 Magazine

Magpul just announced via Facebook that they are now producing and shipping 30-round magazines for the AK-47 platform in 7.62×39. This is their first announced magazine for a new weapons platform since they introduced the 7.62 NATO PMAG for the AR-10 weapon system, and the first non-AR magazine they’ve made (well, besides that G36 PMAG […]

Gun Grabbers: Mind the “Terror Gap.” Again. Still.

The gun control lobby hasn’t taken well to their recent defeat in the U.S. Senate. They’re bitching and moaning and polling and promising to revive their dead background check bill. The anti-gun grumbling is, in the main, mainstream media misegos. The public has moved on. Why wouldn’t they? Miniature Schnauzers have a longer attention span […]

BREAKING: New Jersey Gun Control Bills Clear Hurdle

“It’s a matter of us all working together to ensure the safety and well-being of our families, our neighbors and our co-workers,” Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D-Gloucester) pronounced. The occasion: Sweeeny’s Law and Public Safety Committee voted 3 – 1 vote to approve a package of seven gun control laws. “The ‘centerpiece’ bill (S2723) would overhaul […]

TTAG Supports Disarmament

If this video wasn’t from the New Orleans Police Department I’d swear it was a fake. ‘Cause, you know, the New Orleans Police Department is so trustworthy. Also, every Martial Arts-based “How to Defeat a Gun” video ever posted on YouTube has the pretend bad guy jamming the gun right up to the sensei. Which […]

Early Mother’s Day Present: Letting Her Shoot My Garand

With all the political talk recently, I thought it might be time to break up the monotony a little in the form of a video of someone shooting one of history’s masterpieces. I was at the ranch this past weekend letting my mother shoot the Taurus Millenium G2 I reviewed last week. She loved the gun, but then […]

EDC for CCW: Smith & Wesson M&P Linerlock Knife

I really liked my Smith & Wesson SWAT knife. The steel wasn’t the world’s best; the Chinese-made blade held an edge like Shannon Richards holds a degree in nuclear particle physics. But the SWAT knife was an ergonomic dream come true (the knife, not Ms. Richards, although I’m sure that probably applies as well). More […]

Magpul Introduces “Pro” Back-Up Sights

Magpul announced this week (just ahead of the NRA Annual Meeting) that they have a new line of flip-up backup sights. This time, they’re made of steel rather than plastic. That plasticity was the main complaint about the previous sights, and it doesn’t hurt that the new versions have a new look to them as […]

New (Again) from Auto Ordnance: Thompson Custom 1911TC

Like a lot of firearms manufacturers, Kahr Arms is sitting pretty. The post-Obama, post-Newtown guns and ammo sales surge has been very, very good to them. So good, in fact, that they stopped making the Auto Ordnance Thompson Custom 1911TC to satisfy demand for concealed carry pistols. Well, that’s their story and they’re sticking to […]

Question of the Day: FixNICS or Ditch NICS?

Imagine a database of every American’s mental health records. Why? Why imagine that? What business does the government have knowing every citizens’ medical treatment for mental health? To stop mentally ill people from buying guns legally, of course. Hello? If those records are added to the FBI’s NICS all a gun grabbing government has to […]

Ammo Review: Winchester PDX1 Defender – 7.62 x 39

Winchester Ammunition has expanded their line of premium self-defense ammunition known as “PDX1 Defender.” The newest caliber: 7.62×39mm. It’s a great addition to the product line, since there’s little widely available premium ammo for this workhorse commie caliber. Hornady’s 123 grain Z-Max is the only direct competition that comes to mind. Although more of a specialty […]