Team GLOCK’s Nonaka and Eusebio Clean-Up Kiwis

Tori Nonaka gets it done in New Zealand (courtesy Team GLOCK)

TTAG’s asked Team GLOCK‘s PR peeps if Tori Nonaka (above) will blog for us. To that end we’re kissing-up to the Austrian gunmaker by sharing news of their big win at the 2013 Australasia International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) Handgun Competition in Rotorua, New Zealand. Nonaka won the Hi-Lady Standard Division while KC Eusebio earned Overall Match Winner. The Level IV regional qualifier for the 2014 World Championship drew more than 750 international competitors and lasted four days as competitors took on the challenge of 24 different stages. Eusebio shot a GLOCK 34 9×19 Open pistol prepared by ZEV Technology, and Nonaka shot a GLOCK 35 .40 pistol customized by SJC Guns. Both competitors were awarded the IPSC Presidents Medal for their international participation and respective accomplishments.


  1. avatar Aharon says:

    The worst handgun I ever shot was a Glock .40 full-size. Sold it off two years later and will never buy another Glock.

    1. avatar Jason says:

      I guess you’re no Nonaka.

        1. avatar Matt in FL says:


          I may have to rethink my avoidance of Facebook.

    2. avatar William says:

      I once shot their micro version in .40. “Punishing” is putting it mildly. But I’ll jump at the chance to shoot ANY gun that’s unlikely to blow apart.

    3. avatar Accur81 says:

      So women of small stature can shoot Glock .40 just fine, but the recoil is too much for you?

      I just gotta bust your chops – since I’m a fan of Glock .40’s AND small statured women.

      1. avatar Aharon says:

        Some small stature women obviously like punishment.

  2. avatar Lauderdale Vet says:

    How about a TTAG sponsored showdown between Tori Nonaka and Jessie Duff?


    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      What about a showdown between Tori Nonaka and Hillary Duff? Have you seen Hillary twirl a rifle?

  3. avatar Ross says:

    Rocking a Glock in middle earth, tough gig.

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a stage like that. Interesting.

    And you left an ‘r’ out of Australasia in the long link above. Out of the name, not the actual link. Because then the link wouldn’t work. Which it does.

    1. avatar Mark says:

      The stage appears as though it should be shot prone.

  5. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

    Something about pretty women with firearms just makes me smile 🙂

  6. avatar Nelson says:

    Holy Scheisse, can we clone her??

    Tori is gorgeous (settle down y’all, she’s still a minor, in most states), obviously academically superb (if the Glock website’s profile stated 3.8GPA is still current), amazingly articulate for her age, considering how many people she had to talk to at the SHOT show, she communicated well, was calm & cool, treated everyone with respect.

    Talk about good upbringing! Way to go Aaron Nonaka!

    Talk about raising your child right. We ALL WISH we had well behaved teenagers, let alone ones who can safely and proficiently handle a lethal tool. Only if more Tori’s populated the cities in the “Coasts,” we wouldn’t be going through this BS politically expedient AWB, what seems like once every decade, interestingly enough always coinciding with recession. Pattern? WTF knows, but with Federal Reserve’s inflationary cycle, it always seems to coincide. Perfect distraction??

  7. avatar Jack says:

    Just looking at that shooting position makes my knee, back, and hip ache. O to be young again…

    1. avatar TZH says:

      not to mention that she was shooting weak hand only, and the right hand must not support your weight. my dad who was Super Senior division, had to get creative with bendin over

  8. avatar TZH says:

    yep, Tori and KC were badass. Jojo Vidanes was there too and kicked ass in Classic Division. those 3 were really cool with everybody doing autograph photos and hangin around. good times. seeing them in action in person was the best part.

    but just so ya’ll know, the delegation from the Philippines won majority of the medals to dominate the event. 30 gold medals in fact. we were the 2nd largest team at 125 shooters, next only to team Australia at 250 who were also celebrating their Nationals.

    huge cheers to Jethro Dionisio (6 time world shooting champion), Edward Rivera (previous Australasia Champion), and John Gotamco for taking gold, silver and bronze in the Standard Division!

    Jag Lejano took top spot in the Production division using the CZ75 SP-01 Shadow.

    Philipp Chua took 1st in Revolver Division.

    me? I did OK in the Standard Division, landed in the 30th-ish position. 🙂

    the stages were really challenging and we made lots of friends, especially the Aussies and local Kiwi shooters. the Rotorua Pistol club has a fantastic facility.

    cheers to all the participants and event organizers, the event was huge fun!

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