Rubber Band Man’s Pump Action Oreo Separation Gun

JoergSprave is a genius. But this is not the pre-tooth-dragging-on-one-half-of-the-cookie-separating machine you’re looking for. Not with that exit velocity.


  1. avatar Paul says:

    Does the ATFE know about this? But more than that does the moron in the Peoples House know about this? One of those projectiles might be a relation.

    1. avatar buzz2439 says:

      I’m fairly certain that he is in Europe.

  2. avatar Roll says:

    OMG, Shaped like a gun, hide the liberals…

  3. avatar Gunracer1958 says:

    Unfortunately, the stated magazine capacity of 14, is illegal in several states. It does however, just squeak into Colorado legality…………..

  4. avatar Lucubration says:

    OMG, Assault Oreos! It has a muzzle attachment!

  5. avatar Brian says:

    He appears to be one of the happiest people on earth

  6. avatar Pyratemime says:

    First that is very cool and I do want!

    Second and honestly of more interest to me is that his design is further proof of the fulitily of gun control. Sith a block of wood and some heavy duty rubber you can make a lethal projectile launcher. Imagine that thing flinging a disks of steel cut from a rod or even just some washers that have been bound together.

    Obviously not a replacement for a real gun but would probably do for a Liberator pistol type of acquisition.

  7. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    Pistol grip on a “long” weapon-CHECK

    Barrel attachment-CHECK

    Unconventional ammunition-CHECK

    Ammunition capacity over 10 rounds-CHECK

    Lack of identifying serial number-CHECK

    Hopefully, he will only have to fear the COOKIE MONSTER…………

    1. avatar g says:

      Good ‘ol cookie monster is gonna get mouthful of oreo chunks blasted his way…

  8. avatar Greg Camp says:

    Has Mayor Bloomingbutt seen this? That’s fourteen cookies, which I’m sure makes people fat, especially since Amazon will ship them in bulk. Why would anyone need so many cookies? Could he be stocking up to resist the well-meaning intentions of cookie limitations in the future?

  9. avatar jbarr says:

    Anyone else think this is just a huge waste of good Oreos?!?

  10. avatar Herb says:

    Yes! Unless the Oreos are a distraction for the catapult’s real ammo: miniature shuffleboard pucks, or linoleum squares or something.

  11. avatar Ing says:

    When the guy with the Oreo gun says “You want a cookie?” you say “Yes.” And make it convincing.

  12. avatar jwm says:

    Lord, does it make me gay because I love this guy? I laugh every time I see one of his vids. And when you watch the slo mo after he put the knife blades over the muzzle he turned that launcher into an oreo assualt shotgun.

  13. avatar speedracer5050 says:

    I want one of these! jwm no it doesn’t make you that way!! At least I hope not! I love him too. He is a damn genius!! Love his videos and laughed like crazy at this one!!
    Really got to see about what he would charge to make and ship me one of these.
    Imagin this with a packet or pouch of tungsten rods sharpened on both ends!! WOW! Talk about flechette rounds for danger close work!!

  14. avatar Don says:

    It could only have been cooler if he had a kiddie swimming pool full of milk to dunk them in.

  15. avatar SGC says:

    That’s GOT to be illegal in at least 12 states…mostly blue ones…but still…

  16. avatar g says:

    Love his laugh and smile. This is a man who enjoys life!

    Or as the young folks this days say… YOLO.

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