OMG! TN Selling “Assault Rifles” to the General Public! OMG!

Colt M4 (courtesy

After I posted a piece on the TSA auction of confiscated blades at The Truth About Knives, eagle-eyed readers searched the site and discovered that Maury County Tennessee’s finest are auctioning off “assault rifles” through The site offers not one but two—count ’em two!—LE-marked Colt M4s and a Mitchell Arms Mac 90 [MAK 90]. M4? Full auto? Nope. “No class 3 weapons are being auctioned.” Anyway, neither the Colts nor the Yugoslavian AK are California compliant. There’s also this little gem in the site’s Q & A  . . .

Q: does requiring a background check to purchase this weapon infringe on my 2nd amendment rights as an american? (3/12/13 12:46 PM)
A: NO (3/12/13 1:44 PM)

Just in case you were wondering.


  1. avatar In Memphis says:

    And here I am wasting paid vacation sitting in a classroom at work…

    1. avatar Sixpack70 says:

      Get out fast, if you can!

  2. avatar BlinkyPete says:

    It’s pronounced “Erm-ah-gerd!”

  3. avatar Max Roberts says:

    In the same auction (Columbia, TN) they are selling 10 200 round belt fed magazines with ammo!

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    “A: NO (3/12/13 1:44 PM)”

    Glad we got that settled.

  5. avatar Matt in SD says:

    Anyone notice the “18% up charge + $10 cover the necessary paperwork for gun sales in the State of Tennessee.” Holy chit….

  6. avatar Hidden Hills says:

    Normal ops for TN. $10 TICS (background)required on any purchase from a dealer. The TICS takes just a few minutes to process input from the 4473, and at least in my case, comes back granted in about two minutes. (not that I agree with any of it). The 18% is I guess the “privilege” of buying it from that auction. Normal Sales Tax is ~9.75%

  7. avatar Augur says:

    Hah, I put a search in for images in google about the MAK 90 and the first picture I get is an old newspaper ad for one for $199. Or three for $194 each. My, how times have changed… not that I would be able to own a legitimate AK in CA anyways.

  8. avatar Lance says:

    I live out west can I get one?????????

  9. avatar ensitue says:

    Out F^%$King Standing!

  10. avatar timx says:

    I love how in some of the pics – there is a book in the upper right corner titled “Parent’s Choice”

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