What Could Possibly Go Wrong: Muzzleshot Shot Glasses

“You can take your shots in those chintzy Mariachi glasses your friends brought you back from their Mexico vacation. Or, you can bust out the heavy artillery and have some drinks in the above Muzzleshots.” So snarks ohgizmo.com. What they don’t realize is that your friends, knowing you’re a gun guy, did buy these for you down Mexico way. Only they stopped for one last Margarita (no salt) on the way to the aeropuerto and made the mistake of trying to carry them  — in their custom Pelican case, of course — onto the plane . . .

When the English-challenged Mexican equivalent of our blue-gloved TSA officers asked, “¿Qué diablos es eso?,” your buds blithely blurted, “shot glasses!” That’s when the bolts retracted on the Federales’ MP5s and your amigos missed their flight out of Acapulco.

As an added bonus, they got to experience some of the fun that is the legal system — such as it is — south of the border. Until, that is, they managed to straighten the whole thing out almost two days later. And they picked up those chintzy Mariachi glasses they ultimately gave you in the airport gift shop (all bags checked this time) as they vowed to each other never to venture even close to the border again. Ever.

Bet you feel guilty now, huh?

[h/t Tyler Kee]


  1. avatar Gyufygy says:

    I…want those. I don’t know why. I don’t drink shots. I hardly drink at all. They seem ridiculous and the inspiration for any number of awkward moments. But I still want them. So weird.

  2. avatar Damon says:

    all i wanna know is where to find a set!

    1. avatar Damon says:

      i suppose if i took the time to read properly and follow the link i could find where to get some. holy dang tho, pricey.

      1. avatar JWhite says:


        Like the Battle Mug – http://www.battlemug.com/ $250

        That said, I want a set, but I refuse to spend that kind of money on shot glasses.

  3. avatar tylerkee says:

    h/t to my coworkers who sent it to me.

  4. avatar Ralph says:

    The ATF accidentally sent some of these from Bud’s Liquor Store to Los Zetas in a botched tequila sting called Operation Stumbling & Slurring. Boy, were their faces red.

    1. Now that’s funny!

  5. avatar Larry2 says:

    Totally unrelated, but I wanted to get out the word:

    Looks like the Robo Call I just received from Mayors Against Illegal Guns is to coincide with the following “Day of Action” 3/28/13. They are trying to get out the word to have people call their congress person. We need to make sure we are countering these voices.The following link outlines the latest push by Mayors Against Our Rights:


  6. $200 for the set of 4 with case. Wowza

  7. avatar JW says:

    I’ve purchased real flash suppressors for less $$$

  8. avatar Lance says:

    How cute, make sure Robert has some for his family!!

  9. avatar Russ Bixby says:

    Best laugh I’ve had in days!

  10. avatar Kelly in GA says:

    Been drinking scotch and watching my favorite gun porn tv show (Justified (their gun play is damn near immaculate, BTW)), and all I can say from the pic is, I WANT VERY MUCH!

  11. avatar Clay Aalders says:

    I prefer to drink out of the shoulder thingy that goes up.

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