Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Hurtado Barrera

Policia Ministerial de Tamaulipas (courtesy

The director of the Tamaulipas state Policia Ministeriales, identified in press reports only as Hurtado Barrera, escaped from legal custody after being held for investigation for accidentally discharging her weapon in an aircraft in Ciudad Victoria, the capital of Tamaulipas. According to a news account which appeared on the website of Milenio news daily, the minsterial agent was on board the aircraft at the Ponciano Arriga airport when her weapon discharged, penetrating the deck of the aircraft and hitting an aircraft mechanic in the foot . . .

The victim, identified as Jose Ballesteros, was taken for medical attention,.  His wound is not considered life threatening. Sra. Hurtado Barrera was detained and then taken to the headquarters of the Mexican 12th Military Zone, but was later moved to a state prosecutor’s office in Ciudad Valles.  An hour later, Hurtado Barrera apparently left the office and has not been seen since.

It is unclear in the report if Sra. Hurtado Barrera is to be charged. According to the translation, a state officer accidentally discharging a firearm can be charged, dismissed from their position, or the incident can be dropped.

Sra. Hurtado Barrera has been director general of Tamaulipas Policia Ministeriales since May.

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  1. avatar Captain Catsup says:

    Gotta love those crazy Mexicans! Can’t imagine what brib…. fines would cost her. El Mordida!

    1. avatar JessB says:

      Bonus points for the “mordida” reference.

      1. avatar Captain Catsup says:

        Thanks. Worked in the city/county hospital’s ER in El Paso. Learned the cuss words, food, and medical terms, in just about that order.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    So the Mexican policia are as well trained as our own. Good to know.

    1. avatar WA_2A says:

      When only police have guns…

    2. avatar stompahippie says:

      I believe they may be better . She still managed to hit a human.

  3. avatar Pantera Vazquez says:

    “a state officer discharging a firearm can be charged, dismissed from their position, or the incident can be dropped”. She is/was Director of a State Police agency, chances are she walked due to charges being dropped……………

  4. avatar John C says:

    Granted, had the plane been airborne, contrary to what Hollywood taught us, a bullet hole wouldn’t cause a decompression, let alone an “explosive decompression”.

    It’d also be a lot easier plugging a bullet hole than it was plugging this mid-air:

  5. avatar navillus says:

    One wonders what the Mexicans call “Mexican carry” & whether it was involved here. The linked news story says she was “accomodating herself in the interior of the plane” when the ND happened, so either Mexican carry or a really crappy holster or taking the gun out of the holster to get comfy.
    FWIW, the plane is describes as an “avioneta,” a word typically used for smaller Cessna, etc. type aircraft, not a commercial jet.

  6. avatar Captain Catsup says:

    Still wondering about shooting a mechanics foot through the bottom of the plane. Video would be priceless!

  7. avatar Zan Soo says:

    Chances are she is already here in the US getting welfare.

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