I Am a Gun Owner

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  1. avatar The Guy 09 says:

    Plot Twist!

  2. avatar AM says:

    Well done!

  3. avatar BradN says:

    Love this one!

  4. avatar jwm says:

    Do you support her by getting interested and partaking of her gun hobby?

  5. avatar joe says:

    No he washes the dishes while she cleans the gun… bravo for being a supportive spouse! If i did not have one i would not have such a large collection 🙂

  6. avatar Sierra says:

    Thank you Sir, for standing up, and for supporting your wife.

  7. avatar William says:


  8. avatar In Memphis says:

    I like the twist in this one, “She is a gun owner and I support her.”

    Id be happy if my ex had let me cook and she did the dishes. Ugh I hate doing dishes. Good on you sir!

  9. avatar GA EMT says:

    The issue is just like civil rights or gay rights. It’s important to have the support of those that aren’t necessarily at the core of the issue as well.

  10. avatar g says:

    You sir, are one of the “good guys.” Thanks for speaking out in support of your wife, and gun rights!

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