Demand for NSSF Safety Education Materials Skyrockets

Presser from the NSSF:

NEWTOWN, Conn. — Since the beginning of the New Year, demand for the National Shooting Sports Foundation’s (NSSF) safety and education materials has increased substantially. Orders for NSSF’s popular educational brochure “Firearms Safety Depends on You” were up 110 percent in January compared to the same period last year. There were 217,486 copies of the brochure ordered during the month, up from 103,431 last January. Orders for NSSF’s firearm safety DVD compilation jumped 1,700 percent, with the majority of the 2,250 copies being ordered by educators and childcare professionals . . .

“Firearms Safety Depends on You” reviews the ten rules of firearms safety every shooter must know and obey to ensure safe and responsible use of firearms. The brochure is popular with manufacturers, who include it within the packaging of their products. It is also popular with state agencies, retailers, hunter education and firearms safety programs and other groups or individuals involved in the shooting sports, hunting and firearms industry.

The firearm safety videos help teach students how to react when encountering a firearm in an unsupervised situation. The DVD offers these four videos — “McGruff the Crime Dog on Gun Safety” for students in kindergarten through grade 6; “It’s Your Call: Playing It Safe Around GunsSM” for students in grades 6 through 9; “Firearms Safety Depends on YouSM,” which covers the ten commandments of gun safety and is for audiences of all ages; and “Introduction to Range Safety and Etiquette.” The first two titles help teach students how to respond if should they encounter a firearm in an unsupervised situation at school, at home or at a friend’s home.


  1. avatar Lance says:

    Good shows more and more new gun owners are joining us.

    1. avatar BLAMMO says:

      Absolutely. Millions of people who never really wanted a gun or never thought they needed a gun, now want a gun. Now, if they can only get one.

  2. avatar Cameron S. says:

    Good to know our team is growing. I’m okay with this.

  3. avatar Jim R says:

    This makes me happy as well. Not only are there more people in the ranks, but they’re taking the time to do it properly and safely. Good on you, new gun owners!

  4. avatar Matt in FL says:

    Who funds the production of these materials? Is it primarily the manufacturers, since this is more or less a trade organization?

    Not an indictment, just curious.

  5. avatar JMS says:

    Excellent on all counts!!!

  6. avatar John says:

    This was me two months ago. Never really thought about owning a gun until Democrats (of which I was one) started this ‘national discussion on firearms’. After some personal reflection, I realized that they didn’t really represent what I thought they did. I’m starting to think I must be more of a Libertarian or something; I guess the label isn’t important.

    Point is, anti-gunners wanted to bring gun ownership into the spotlight. They got their wish, but they might not have anticipated how much it would drive a number of formerly uninvolved people against their agenda.

    1. avatar My Name Is Bob says:

      Glad to have you aboard. Many ppl here would also be more libertarian leaning than GOP leaning, it’s just that we don’t have enough libertarians in congress representing us, so….

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