Employers, Property Rights and Guns

John P. Rodgers, writing at mondaq.com, has just noticed that ‘guns in cars’ laws are being considered by various legislatures around the country. Here’s a hot tip: he doesn’t appear to be in favor of them. Setting Rodgers’s opinion aside, however, let’s look at the businesses’ objections to the law. To wit . . .

Upstate NY Dem: 2A Advocates Are “Gun-Toting Tea Party Psychotards”

  As I type this, thousands of New York gun owners are gathering in Albany to protest the unconstitutional train wreck known as the SAFE Act. It’s proof positive that New York’s traditional bifurcation—upstate and downstate—has gone ballistic. Make no mistake, it’s a nasty split, with the civilian disarmament folks spreading fear and loathing throughout […]

NY Gov. to Exempt Film and TV Industry from SAFE Act

  As we reported when the New York’s SAFE Act was passed, the bill forgot to exempt police from magazine capacity limits. (That’s what happens when you rush a piece of legislation through the Assembly, give politicians twenty-minutes to read it before they vote and sign it into law under emergency provisions which circumvent the […]

Self-Defense Tip: Layer Your Home Defenses

Most people don’t want to think about bad things happening to them. It’s entirely possible that most people can’t think about bad things happening to them; their brains are wired for “Condition White.” The thought of a violent assault freaks them out. Even so, most people will take some steps to secure their home. The question is: […]

Why I’m Now a Gun Owner

By NCGlockin On Friday September 18, something happened that changed my life forever. It was payday, so I decided to run to the ATM and get some cash. I work from home, so normally I don’t go out during the day unless I need something. I live about two minutes from the shopping center where the […]

Amazon.com Selling Unregistered Silencers

Yeah, that title may be a little on the sensational side, but this is actually a pretty good example of how ridiculous US gun laws are. We all remember the Econo-Can, the registered adapter you can buy that threads an oil filter onto your .22lr firearm and makes a rockin’-awesome silencer. As the adapter is the registered […]

The Truth About Magazine Capacity

One of our commentators recently emailed TTAG central complaining about our textless links to YouTube videos. He considered it lazy and annoying (some mobile phones don’t display the vids). Laziness has nothing to do with it. Sometimes the video says it all—save the comments that our Armed Intelligentsia add underneath the post. But, as always, […]