New from Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation: LETHAL SHOT Apple App

No matter what the shooting discipline, shot placement is all. But where, pray tell, should hunters aim when shooting an elk (not Anne Elk)? The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation has an app for that. “3-D images allow the hunter to see an elk’s body structure, both internally and externally,” RMEF’s presser proclaims. “It’s all designed to improve a hunter’s ability to acquire proficiency on shot angles when making split second decisions in the field. In addition to preparing hunters for that once-in-a-lifetime shot, it also provides an effective post-shot analysis by simulating the trajectory and learning what vital organs the bullet or arrow possibly struck . . . LETHAL SHOT is yet another way to help further our mission to ensure the future of elk, other wildlife, their habitat and our hunting heritage.” Click here for iPhone App and here for the iPad version, $2.99 a pop.


  1. avatar OkieRim says:

    Nonsense, wait until DiFi finds out the iphone can kill someone from xxx yards, this app will become verboten

    Seriously, looks like a cool app.

  2. avatar qajaqon says:

    Excellent App.

    Long live the RMEF.

    Nous Defions
    De Oppresso Libre

  3. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    I haven’t given the RMEF a dime since the early ’00’s, when I gave them over $10K, which they then used to help buy a ranch in eastern NV… which they promptly turned around and gave to the Nevada Dep’t of Wildlife, who knows less than nothing about how to manage productive pastures. In short, within two years they ranch was wrecked and you rarely saw elk on it again.

  4. avatar In Memphis says:

    I bet if I had some AR lowers, painted them white with chrome trim, built a mount that mates an EOTech to an Iphone and put the Apple logo on the magwell some hipsters would buy it. Maybe even camp out at the local gun stores for a week for the release. Sales would skyrocket and we’d start seeing them in Starbucks. Oh and of course they have Bluetooth, 4G and WiFi.

    I built ARs before it was cool.

    Sorry, I got carried away when I saw Apple and app

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