New from Nosler: Model 48 Custom Expedition Package

Nick likes Nosler. Bullets, that is. Nick didn’t know that Nosler makes customs rifles. But that’s OK. As Alfie said, not a lot of people know that. Well now they do. And after 30 Cal Gal (a.k.a., Anette Wachter, above) reviews the brand spanking new Nosler Model 48 Custom Expedition Package for TTAG their long gun rep is sure to spread. FYI the rifle—topped by a Swarovski Z5 (35 – 18 X 44) scope—is bore-sighted and blessed by a Tibetan monk and popped into a custom Pelican case. Yours for $5695.


  1. avatar Dyspeptic Gunsmith says:

    Pfah. Looks like a warmed-over Rem700 action with an aftermarket trigger. Pac-Nor makes nice barrels (and I use them too), but there’s nothing particularly impressive here. It’s not a Winchester 70-style action, it’s not a Mauser 98 style action, the big game hunter in me says “Feh.”

    I just priced it at Nosler’s web site: $3K for a .30-06. Feh.

    1. avatar Ropingdown says:

      Agree, Dyspeptic. The current Model 70 barrels are very good. Put a Kahles sight on a Model 70 .30-06?? Still just under 3K. Or have it furnished with custom fitted exhibition-grade Walnut and a VX6 Leupold? Still under 3K.

  2. avatar DeLux says:

    Cal gal…spanking…spread.
    Robert, you are one horny dude.
    Get thee to the Spearmint Rhino asap.

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