SHOT Show 2013: Doors are OPEN!

Well, for exhibitors at least. We’re still being held at the door by the friendly security guards, left to peek around the corner to try and get a look at the goodies inside. RF and Dan are in the press room covering the politics and Chris and I will be roving the floor for the morning. Check back in a few to take a peek at what we’re seeing here in Las Vegas . .


  1. avatar JimmyBond says:

    If someone could run over to the Walther booth and find out if the new .22Lr PPK/S is made out of zinc with P22 internals(thus saving me money by not having to buy one) that would be wizard!

  2. avatar Aharon says:

    It would be cool if you guys could mount video cameras on your heads that we could dial up and virtually walk the show with you in real time.

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