New from Warne: Shorter RAMP Mount

Warne makes some excellent scope mounts. I’ve been using their RAMP mount on my hunting rifle all season and it has been rock solid and reliable. And now it looks like they’re making the mount even better. The RAMP was originally designed to allow for a 45 degree offset mount on the scope mount itself, but for those who don’t need that functionality they dropped the extended section of mount. And they also milled out just about everything they could to make it weigh half as much as the old mount. All in all, a good improvement to an already solid mount.


  1. avatar LC Judas says:

    Is this a QD mount or more permanent screw in sort of deal? Does this company do QD mounts? I’ve been eyeballing a similar mount from Burris that claims QD and holding zero so does Warne make a comparable product?

  2. avatar BB says:

    Any time frame when they will be released? Both 30mm and 1 inch? Price?

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