New from SIG SAUER: Predator and Varmint Rifles

While the main news out of SIG SAUER is their handguns and SMG, they also have some new additions to their line of AR-15 rifles. Their new Predator rifle sports an18″ stainless fluted barrel that comes threaded from the factory 1/2×28, but no muzzle device so you can choose your own. Comes with a Geiselle trigger and Magpul MOE stock to top it off, and will retail for around $1,400. Their Varmint rifle will be identical, except with a bull barrel and no fluting. Oh, and the same price for both. If you could find either in stock anywhere.


  1. avatar Hal says:

    So based on the OPTEMPO of the posts this morning I am assuming the TTAG staff went out and got hammered last night? Everyone but Nick and to a lesser extent RF having a rough morning?

    Of course perhaps you guys are just back out on the floor.

  2. avatar Jim Barrett says:

    If you are looking for a hard to find Sig, it’s always worth giving a call to the Sig Sauer Pro shop. In times of non-hysteria, they generally have most of the Sig Sauer line in stock. Price is simple to figure out – 10% off MSRP for everyone and 20% off MSRP if you have taken a class at the Academy in the past 20 days.

    The Pro Shop would be happy to transfer your new gun to your local FFL.

  3. avatar Ropingdown says:

    I note that the SIG Predator is remarkably similar to the recent Colt competition model, and both closely resemble the original Stag 3-Gun. Of the AR’s with fluted stainless 18″ target barrels, do either the Colt or SIG use a rifle-length gas system?

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