New from Rock River Arms: “R5 Competition” 3-Gun AR-15

Rock River Arms is at the SHOT Show displaying their new R5 Competition 3-gun rifle. It comes with a nifty handguard and the option of a fixed or telescoping stock, and what is actually a very nice two stage trigger. The only thing I would change on this gun is possibly the addition of a BCM Gunfighter charging handle and you’ve got something that closely resembles my dream competition rifle. The 18″ fluted barrel is stainless steel, and capped with RRA’s own in-house designed muzzle brake. The gun is also available in a southpaw friendly configuration.


  1. avatar David W. says:

    Well see now I want that gun…

    Not having any money and seeing SHOT show pictures is like being diabetic in a candy store.

  2. avatar JTPhilly says:

    Really have been happy with my RRA. I’d bet this is a quality gun.

  3. avatar Buzzlefutt says:

    Tell them to quit goofing around the convention center and get back to fulfilling orders! 🙂

  4. avatar Casey T says:

    I wonder what this costs?

  5. avatar Sammy says:

    I have a RRA PDS 5.56 carbine. While I am delighted with the gun I am less than content with the lack of development of this platform. The development of a gas block for use with suppressors never happened and there is no selection of upper barrel lengths, calibers, no available .22 conversion kit. Maybe it’s because it is so propitiatory. I just saw it as a beautiful blend of the AK and AR. But an AR with which you can change calibers is best. Oh well, nothing is perfect. I guess they just weren’t popular with the public. Still a fine example of gunsmithing.

    1. avatar Tom says:

      Gas blocks are still and the works and expect to see a .300blk upper this year as well.

      1. avatar Sammy says:

        Please, don’t toy with me. That would be great. Like I said I love this piece. I fitted it with a bad, a set of mini Troy tritium BIS, and a Leatherwood CMR scope. I’d like to find a way to mount a Mako bi-pod fore grip to the bottom of hand guard. But I’m kind of strapped. Been sending bucks to pro 2a orgs.

        Off topic, but with all the talk of background checks how about one for the guy that can press that red nuclear button?

  6. avatar Ropingdown says:

    I note that this RRA competition rifle is a near-exact copy of the Stag 3-Gun AR. The visible components seem identical. Stag used the excellent Geisele Super 3G trigger group. RRA is using…what? The main advantage of the 18″ barrel lies in ability to use a rifle-length gas system. RRA is using…what? I’m glad to see the the Samson-style fore grips are becoming increasingly popular.

    1. avatar Casey T says:

      I think that is a Midwest Industries SS Gen II handguard, not a Samson.

  7. avatar Mike says:

    Still waiting to see a LAR47 from last year’s shot show so not going to hold my breath on this one!

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