New from Cavalry Arms: Machined SCAR-H Lower that Takes PMAGs

We’ve seen something like this before, but its nice to see more companies jumping on the SCAR-H improvement bandwagon. Cav Arms makes those nice all-polymer lower receivers for the AR-15, and now some new lowers for the SCAR 17S as well. The best part about the SCAR is that the lower is not the serialized part, meaning that you can get this shipped straight to your house without going through an FFL. And now that Magpul makes 25 rounders, it makes even more sense to ditch your FNH-made lower for one of these.


  1. avatar Rokurota says:

    1. Is it available; 2. Is it available for less than four-friggin-thousand dollars?

    1. I’ll have a final revision to test soon; after that they will be available.
      MSRP is going to be ~$350. All your existing SCAR parts will drop in without modification.

      Watch Cavalry Manufacturing’s industry forum on for more info.

  2. avatar Derek says:

    Seriously, is there some like coordinated effort to move away from FAL mags and towards these SR-25 mags? This is the third .308 rifle so far that takes them at the same time Magpull introduces a 25 round SR-25 mag. But Magpull STILL doesn’t make an FAL mag. For that matter, they don’t make an AK mag… WTF?

    1. avatar Hal says:

      I suspect that Magpul doesn’t make an AK mag (although they might soon with ther new line of AK products) because AK’s are a lot less standardized. It’s tough to make a PMAG that works with everything which is why even PMAGs don’t necessarily work with everything. For example, the leading US PALM (actually Tango Down) American made AK mag doesn’t work with every AK type platform. The SIG 556R comes to mind, but I am sure there could be some others.

      Also, I may be no FAL expert, but FAL mags require a manual strip to remove them as opposed to dropping free, right? That’s why no one is using them, because newer designs want mags that drop free. That’s why FN modified the FAL mag design to be a proprietary drop-free SCAR17 mag, and why people are moving away from M1A mags and moving towards the SR-25/KAC/Larue/DPMS/PMAG route.

      I’m not sure that FAL mags are the bee’s knees, anyways. Nor am I sure that there are THAT many FAL owners out there in the US market. I would guess that they would be far more likely to produce either a SCAR17 PMAG or an M1A PMAG before a FAL. I could be wrong though.

  3. avatar Gerard says:

    Is this a new Cav Arms? I thought their manufacturing license was pulled a few years ago when the owner screwed around on something.

    1. avatar Nick Leghorn says:

      Yep, new Cav Arms. They sold the company, tooling and patents and the new guys are now up and running.

      1. avatar Hal says:

        Hi Nick,
        when you say “machined,” do you mean aluminum? Or are they sticking with their bread and butter (polymers)?

        1. avatar BlinkyPete says:

          I was thinking the same thing. I assumed aluminum, but since their focus seems to be poly I was a little confused.

  4. Just a point of clarification Cavalry Arms Corp is dead.

    Cavalry Manufacturing, LLC is making AR15 furniture and the SCAR lower above as it is not a serial numbered part (the upper is).

    GWACS Armory (of Tulsa OK) bought the CAV-15 tooling and IP and is in production of CAV-15 MK2 receivers.

    Sorry if there was any confusion in our conversation, I’ve been working with both companies on some projects.

  5. avatar Billy Wardlaw says:

    Is the Lower receiver the serialized part on a SCAR?

      1. avatar AlphaGeek says:

        Interesting. How did that come about? Is the fire control group governing semi/auto fire part of the upper receiver on a SCAR?

        1. Its the same with the SIGs. From what I have heard ATF would prefer the upper was the Serial number part on the AR too as lowers are too easy to manufacture. Don’t expect there to be any kind of consistent logic with this stuff from them.

  6. Would be nice if they spruced up the design a little bit. Judging by the quality of their sight, they desperately need a designer…

    *note to self: If job losst; than hit these guys up*

  7. avatar Chad G says:

    What is the difference between this and the Handl SCAR lower?

    1. avatar SCARy 17 says:

      It’s made by guys who spent a decade making a reliable AR15 variant before attempting to make critical firearms components?

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