Hands On with the Arsenal 2011 Double Barreled Handgun

Let me sum this up for you: this is quite possibly the most gimmicky gimmick gun that I’ve ever seen in my life. There’s no way that this is practical in any way, shape or form. The grip is too big, the trigger sucks (especially since you need to pull both simultaneously or else it won’t fire), and while there is a single set of target sights it didn’t look — even in the promo materials — that both rounds landed anywhere near each other. But for some reason, the booth was busy and people liked them. Go figure. More photos after the jump . . .


  1. avatar 16V says:

    Step aside 24K gold-plated Desert Eagle .50 with 10″ barrel.

    The new king of highly questionably taste with even less utility has has arrived!

  2. avatar bontai Joe says:

    I’m assuming that in .45 this has two 7 round magazines, so will this be NY compliant? (LOL)

  3. avatar Conway Redding says:

    Looks unwieldy and ultimately impractical. I’d be interested to know how many of these puppies they actually sell.

    1. avatar 16V says:

      Product placement is everything.

      Get Ze Ahhhnold to carry one in an over-the-top cheezefest of an action movie. Associate gun with memorable movie catch-phrase.

      They’ll be flying off the shelves.

    2. avatar Philthegardner says:

      If they can sell Gold Deagles in tiger stripes, why not this? This thing will be in a thousand youtube videos before the year is out.

  4. avatar Pulatso says:

    I look at this like I would look at some of the supercars and hypercars on Top Gear: insane, impractical, ridiculously expensive, and completely awesome. Given the money, I’d buy two.

    1. avatar Sid says:

      Because I want to see Jeremy Clarkson drive around a track shooting targets from a Ford Raptor.

  5. avatar Will says:

    I want to see Chow Yun Fat with a pair of these.

    1. avatar g says:


      I can see a cheesy re-make of ‘THE KILLER’ or ‘HARD-BOILED’ with this gun already.

      “One man.. two hands… three hours… and his FOUR BARRELS OF VENGEANCE”

  6. avatar William says:

    Well, they proved it could be done. Did anyone say it couldn’t?

  7. avatar ChuckN says:

    If this thing was 30years older it would have rocked
    the “80s B-movie world.

    1. avatar In Memphis says:

      There was a movie not long ago that had almost this exact thing except with a standard size frame and single trigger. The bad guy carries it of course

  8. avatar Casey T says:

    Look for this to be in a movie really soon and subsequently demonized by the likes of Feintein.

  9. avatar Billy says:

    Just wait…it’ll be on the next season of Top Shot.
    Somebody at work showed me a video of this thing a week ago…I never thought I’d call a variant of the 1911 “impractical”, but I did. That thing’s got a bulkier grip than my old Ruger P90! Who knows, people might buy it… I’m still surprised the Taurus Judge was as successful as it was.

  10. avatar Matt in FL says:

    I just can’t believe they dumped the money into tooling up to make this big bastard with any hope of making that money back.

    1. avatar 16V says:

      The world is CNC. Very little “tooling” is required.

      1. avatar Matt in FL says:

        And the world is a poorer place for it.

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