FNH: Civilian Ballista Shipping. Really. We Swear.

The FNH Ballista was one of the long range rifles that I really liked last year. Quick change barrels, completely 100% adjustable everything, and an asking price that was somewhat reasonable. But then I never saw one outside the show. This year, they say they are actually shipping them to civilian shops for sale. Asking price will be about $5.5k, and for that you DON’T get the progressive twist barrel OR the Surefire silencer mount that comes on the military version. Oh well.


  1. avatar Lance says:

    NAW I want a XM-2010!

    1. avatar Joe Grine says:

      Hope you are patient.

  2. avatar Casey T says:

    Does it come in Lefty?

    1. avatar gyrfalcon says:

      You sir, are a master of sarcasm! 🙂

  3. avatar Gyufygy says:

    I honestly thought it was a gigantic crossbow when I saw the title.

    Not sure whether to be disappointed to just enjoy the shiny.

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