Bergara to Begin Producing Rifles

Bergara has been making precision barrels for a while, and has been pretty well respected for that function. But starting after SHOT Show, they plan to produce their own line of custom-built rifles. Included in the lineup will be a bull barrel “tactical” version in .308 Winchester, along with some hunting rifles with longer barrels (that are surprisingly light) in everything from .300 Win Mag to .338.

Also planned is a nifty rifle that has a removable forend and allows you to swap the barrel with the twist of a couple screws. They claim the shift in zero is almost unnoticeable when swapping even different caliber barrels.

As for how they shoot, I was singing steel at 500 yards. Not exactly a scientific test, but a fun one nonetheless.

While these rifles are being billed as “custom” guns there are plans to have a couple of set models that they will continuously churn out, and anything else will need to be built one at a time.


  1. avatar Kelly in GA says:

    Some hometown boys. I’ll have to check them out.

  2. TTAG, thank you for the positive feedback. We are currently producing rifles and have a 60 day lead time. Anyone who is interested or has any questions is welcome to contact me direct at [email protected].

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