New from Blackhawk!: GripBreak Retention Holster

Nick posted a quicky on Blackhawk!’s GripBreak holsters back in August when they teased them during the opening of their new manufacturing facility. And we got to see one in the flesh today, as well as getting a better look at the thumb release thingy that makes it work . . .

From the front, it looks like a fairly conventional pancake-type leather holster. They also come in a rigid nylon version as well. But flip it over and expose its underbelly and you’ll see the thumb release that frees the pistol from its friendly confines.

The advantage? Rather than their (in some circles) much-maligned Serpa switches, you won’t be using your trigger finger to press the release button with the GripBreak. Which means fewer Grebners per gun extracted. Something we can all agree is a good thing.

The GripBreak will officially be unveiled this week. They weren’t terribly specific about the guns supported off the bat, but bet on Glocks, M&Ps and 1911s. At a minimum.


  1. avatar Quantum Zen says:

    Any word on pricing? And a release date?

  2. avatar Matt says:

    Seems like they are last to the finish line. Safariland already has been making this style for a while. They had better be cheaper otherwise im not sure they sell well.

  3. avatar Graybeard says:

    Alas, the Sigs will be way down the list.

  4. avatar Bertha Phenation says:

    Tex Goober, I love his statement ” my training kicked in”. Oh, I see, you’re trained so that when you’re shot you put your gun down and walk away from it? Hmmmmmm, time to revisit the efficacy of that training Mr. Goober

    1. avatar EO says:

      Don’t forgot Tex’s next step, calls parents.

  5. avatar Ben says:

    So… Whatever happened to this model? I’ve never heard of it until today (27 Sep 2014), and have never seen one for sale?

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